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Hello! My name is Carolyn Hartle, BSN, RN. I am currently a student at the Wake Forest Baptist, Nurse Anesthesiology Program, Class of 2015. I am honored and excited to be your AANA Student Health and Wellness Representative for fiscal 2015 (August 2014– September 2015).

Maintaining our overall health and wellness during this challenging and stressful time in our lives is SO important for endless reasons. Before starting school, I worried about how I would balance my health, family, hobbies, and happiness with the complexities of school. (Photo: finding family time, hiking with Liam and Cadence). Once I realized it's possible, I wanted to help other students....since we are all in this together!

So, I started a blog and now a SRNA Health and Wellness Facebook group, check these out:

Student Challenge - Do Something!

I would like to challenge you to collaborate with your classmates (and professors) on at least one wellness project. Invite the undergraduate nursing students to do a 5K with you, have a big healthy potluck dinner together, or volunteer to be socially responsible and bond at the same time. Connect with other SRNA’s from other schools in your city or state and find a way to promote health and wellness to members of your local community. Too stressed for something big? It can be as simple as taking a class trip to the beach or the zoo - having fun together will help keep you well.  It can be big or small; just do something! Don’t forget to tell me about your project and send pictures to share what your school is doing to stay well (Student Wellness Spotlight)

Photo, from left to right: Me
Cheryl Johnson, CRNA, Assistant 
Didactic Director; Katie Lamb, SRNA 
class of 2016 at the 2014 AANA 
Walk/Run in Orlando  

Student Stress

As a second year student at Wake Forest, I appreciate how stressful this educational process can be. AANA Health and Wellness supports the well-being of all members and believes that healthy habits developed early in nurse anesthesia schooling can help us be fit-for-duty professionals throughout our careers. Research indicates that SRNAs experience many symptoms of stress, but we can develop healthy coping behaviors instead of the unhealthy ways, which can quickly lead to many serious problems. ​ My goal is to encourage you all not only to develop healthy ways of dealing with stress, but to also encourage you all to encourage each other as well.

Getting Help

You may not know this, but peer assistance help is available for students too!  Please take a few minutes to explore when the issue is substance abuse or dependency.  

Be a Wellness Representative!

We're in the third year now of the project to bring students together through the Student Wellness Connection project. Join us!  It's easy, see more information on this flyer: HealthandWellnessLiaisonInfo0914.pdf 

We all work so hard taking care of others; let's not forget to take care of ourselves! 

Feel free to email me, I would love to hear from you!  I welcome your thoughts or suggestion, just send me an email or participate on the Facebook group

Be well,

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 Health & Wellness Contacts


Carolyn Hartle, BSN, RN
Student Representative, Health and Wellness Committee

LCDR Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN, Chair, AANA Health & Wellness Committee

Peer Assistance in Your State 

Peer Assistance Advisors

AANA Peer Assistance Helpline
(800) 654-5167 
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Hotline
1 (800) 273-TALK
Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR)
Julie Rice, BA Manager AANA Health,
Wellness, and Peer Assistance Programs (847) 655-1114 or


 SRNA Newsletters:

​Fara Clark, last year's student representative, shares FIU SRNA Health and Wellness newsletters:

Fara wrote these for FIU classmates, but these apply 
to any SRNAs, please share