Student Wellness Spotlight

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Truman Medical Center Spring 2014: SRNA classmates were busy during February, 
March, and April with multiple wellness activities.  See more photos and info in the wellness newsletter

Here a group mixed fun with social responsibility in the annual Westport St. Patrick's Day run to benefit the local Big Brothers Sisters of Greater Kansas City.

Pictured back row left to right: Katherine Gungor and Lauren Welsh
Front row left to right: Lindsey Schroeder, Leah Bolten, and Melissa Kindle

University of Kansas May 2014: Jamin Tenbrink, a new SRNA Wellness Connection liaison, shares photos from KU's first health and wellness event - Massage Therapy day!  Jamin reports, "I have a massage therapist friend that came up for the day to provide 10 minute chair massages to students, faculty, and staff.  We had a wonderful turnout and hope to continue massage therapy day on a bi-monthly basis." Jamin is working on the next health and wellness event, a 5K Rivalry Run in August.

Jamin Tenbrink,  wearing the purple sweater, with massage therapists Teri Engroff and Kim Schultz.

Frank J. Tornetta School of Anesthesia (FJTSA) May 2014SRNA Wellness Connection liaison, Marie Ewing, reports that students, staff, and faculty from FJTSA have just completed their first wellness event; a "Biggest Loser" Competition. Participants lost a total of 21.9 pounds and 12.7% body weight from January 27 to April 8th! The money raised from the event was donated to the "Donor Dash," an annual 5K/10K run towards the "Gift of Life Program" that coordinates organ donation in the tri-state area.  Marie states, "We are really proud of what the school has accomplished, and are looking forward to more events in the future."  Photo from left to right, Laura Robertson, James Muhly, Marie Ewing, and Kate Doherty.

Georgetown April 2014: SRNA Sarah Israelson, a SRNA Wellness Connection liaison at Georgetown University, organized their first wellness activity. She and some of her classmates ran a 5K through the national monuments and the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Washington, D.C. They then watched the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade as a group. Of the event, Sarah says, "It was great!" The next plan is a potluck before finals. 

SRNA "Selfies" at AANA Mid-Year Assembly April 2014: The AANA's Health and Wellness/Professional Practice exhibit became a popular spot for SRNAs to capture their attendance at the meeting!  Here are some of the nurse anesthesia programs represented: On the left, Gonzaga; below from left to right, Columbia, Rutgers, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


St. Joseph Hospital March 2014: SRNA Blayr Proffitt, St. Joe's SRNA Wellness Connection liaison , shares the Wellness Report she created to "help and support fellow SRNAs throughout this arduous journey" with tips and strategies to strike a balance, 
lower stress, and improve well-being. 

Click the icon on the right here to see the full content.  Newsletters are also shared by  University of Cincinnati (below), and on the Student Wellness Homepage from Florida University. 


Wake Forest March 2014:
SRNA Wellness Connection liaison Carolyn Hartle created a website to provide wellness tips to be helpful to "not only current students, but also prospective SRNAs." Check this out:

As a bonus, the site features a popular blog by Carolyn's husband with posting about being the spouse of a SRNA.  

University of Cincinnati February 2014: SRNAs Leigh Adams and Kristen Nelson, who are UC's co-SRNA Wellness Connection liaisons, created a Balanced Anesthesia newsletter for classmates. 

Kristen and Leigh's goal is composing the newsletter is to "encourage other students to integrate wellness as a part of their lifestyle."

The January 2014 issue is shared here and includes great features such as SRNA profiles, list 
of upcoming events, recipe corner, sunrise-worthy snacks, and free-time ideas.   

Truman Medical Center January 2014: Student nurse anesthetist and SRNA Wellness Connection liaison, Lindsey Schroeder shared what's going on at Truman. ​ In December, Lindsey and classmate Kelly Dunn helped adopt an underprivileged single parent family in their Kansas City, Missouri community.  The project gave back to the community and spread blessings during the holiday season. Everyone in the anesthesia department took part in donating monetary gifts, presents, and wrapping paper. The wrapped gifts were given to the Salvation Army, who then distributed them to the family. 

The wellness continues, see Lindsey's report and photos of 5K run and plans for February and March events.

Northeastern September 2013: Student nurse anesthetist Ruth Jahn helped organize a participated in a run that was organized by the Wellness Committee of the Massachusetts Association of Nurse Anesthetists.  Attendees were encouraged to donate clothing items to a local family shelter.

Of the run Ruth says, "It was a great way to get out and meet other SRNAs and CRNAs in the Boston area, as well as get some exercise on a beautiful Saturday morning." 

USC May 2013: The first event was held for first year students only. It was a pizza party (gotta love wellness) along with lectures from a psychologist and OT working at the health center. The first portion was discussing resources through the health center available to all students. One of the programs some of my classmates rave about is 12 sessions with an OT on lifestyle management. You meet with an OT once or twice a month (whatever works for you) and they help you manage time between school, family, exercise, etc. Each session you are able to discuss what went well and how you can make changes to improve your life throughout this program. After learning about resources, the psychologist went over stress, coping, and techniques to help you stay sane through all this! Followed by a lecture from the OT on time management and goal setting. While it seems basic, and we knew a lot of this from our nursing careers, it was a nice refresher and a much needed break from all the hard science and anesthesia.

The second event was awesome. One of our professors had a potluck at her home. It was mandatory for all students (first and second year) and we were joined by professors, MDAs, and CRNAs from various clinical sites. We met at 0730 and were given a choice of a morning event (potluck setup, yoga, scenic trail hike, challenging trail hike, or challenging trail run - her home is not in LA ;-) ). We broke off into groups to complete these events which two hours was allotted for. After returning to her home, we enjoyed the potluck for an hour and a half. It was nice for us to talk to the second year students and CRNAs as we had just completed our first clinical week (so the timing was actually great). After the potluck we were given a lecture on memory and learning from a physician at USC. Following that lecture, we broke up into groups (we only did one, so students got to choose) and spoke with CRNAs for 30 minutes about the topic (coping after an unexpected event, flourishing in a political environment, diet and exercise). After this group session we met for our final lecture on hobbies (random I know, but really important to continue doing what you love). This ended the day. While it seemed hard to take a whole day (finished around 1500) off from studying on a weekend, it was a much needed break. We had time to relax, get some fresh air, and mingle with CRNAs and MDAs we would be seeing at future rotations. There was a lot of planning for this event. We started receiving e-mails about two weeks prior to ensure everyone was bringing different potluck items and we chose our event/group sessions early to make sure there weren't too many students in each one.

We have more events to come as USC is really trying to implement wellness into the curriculum. I will keep you all posted on those as time goes on. Our PD is also looking for new ways to incorporate wellness, so if your programs are doing anything, please share! 

FIU March 2013: A handful of students ran a Shamrock 5K on March 16 and have some other activities planned during our Spring break to promote mental wellness. I am working on a newsletter that I plan to distribute to my class once or twice a semester. I will be updating this as we gain momentum and become more progressive in our promotion of wellness at FIU. (See Fara's shared newsletter on Stress Management: Surviving the Second Semester on the Student Wellness homepage). ​
MUSC November 2012: Our class is doing a canned food drive for a local orphanage for the holidays and we have a lot of food so far. We have had a bake sale to raise money for our class and we are currently having a T-shirt sale as well, and we have another T-shirt sale coming up after the Thanksgiving holiday. Often times groups of us run the Cooper River Bridge together. The Cooper River Bridge also has a national race every year that brings thousands to the city and we are going to have a MUSC AFN sponsored team for the race this year that is on April 6. Also our most stressful class is anatomy and after our tests (or sometime soon depending on our other test schedules) we have a "post-gross party" where we all go out to a new local restaurant for dinner and to hang out and just relax after the stressful anatomy exam period. 
University of Cincinnati November 2012: Our plan is to offer activities that could promote wellness and potentially prevent maladaptive coping mechanisms to sneak in (such as drug use). We are setting up an electronic newsletter with an activities calendar (such as 5k runs and different classes) and student profiles on different people that have interests other than school that will be put out each semester. We are going to present to each incoming class on the different wellness initiatives that are being rolled out also.