Student Stress

It's not your imagination - student nurse anesthetists are stressed!

"Stress in SRNAs is well documented in the current nurse anesthesia literature," according the Linda Stone, CRNA, MSN in the May 2012 Peer Assistance News column in the AANA NewsBulletinLink to this article on page 31 (member log-in required). 
More information and resources for what you can do about it too:​
​"A Study in De-Stressing," The American Nurse, November 19, 2013. Article features participation by Janet Dewan, CRNA, MS, chair, FY2013 AANA Health & Wellness committee.
CRNAs and Stress (includes link to the 2011 research "Stress and Burnout in Nurse Anesthesia")​
Student Stress: A Question of Balance
Dealing with Stress: A Student Nurse Anesthetist's Perspective 
AANA's Physical Well-Being resources - practicing good health habits can often reduce stress and the physical and emotional symptoms too​
Six Wellness Tips for Completing Your SRNA Program
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