Stress, Burnout and Nurse Anesthesia Professionals


​There Is No Doubt About It - CRNAs and SRNAs Are Stressed!​


 Stress Symptoms Found in Study

Chart data highlights stress symptoms reported in 2008 survey "Stress and Burnout in Nurse Anesthesia" published in the April 2011 ​AANA Journal by Anthony Chipas and Dennis McKenna.  ​See also the collection of research and published articles for the topic of stress and burnout among anesthesia professionals. 
Experienced Weekly​ CRNA Educators ​SRNAs
Agitation​ 43%​ ​70%
​Avoid interaction with others ​17% ​25%
Cardiac irregularities​ ​7% ​10%
Confusion​ ​7% ​12%
Cravings​ ​17% ​35%
Decreased concentration​ ​17% ​36%
​GERD ​21% ​28%
​Headaches ​15% ​26%
Hypertension​ ​18% ​8%
Sleep disturbances​ ​22% ​36%


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