Stress and Nurse Anesthesia Professionals


There is no doubt about it - CRNAs and student nurse anesthetists are stressed! ​​

Chart data highlights stress symptoms as reported in a 2008 survey by Anthony Chipas and Dennis McKenna. 

See the rest of the 2008 data on "Stress and Burnout in Nurse Anesthesia" published in the April 2011 AANA Journal by Anthony Chipas and Dennis McKenna.  

A second stress survey provided further data and analysis on the stressors experienced by the typical SRNA. The article titles, "Stress: Perceptions, Manifestations, and Coping Mechanisms of Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists" was published in the August 2012 AANA Journal Special Research Edition by Anthony Chipas, CRNA, PhD, et al.

Peer Assistance News article, May 2012: Stress in Nurse Anesthesia Educators and Students


Helpful de-stressing resources:

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