State Association Health & Wellness

Offering wellness, practitioner health, and fitness for duty resources to the members of your state association can encourage them to develop and sustain healthy behaviors, coping strategies and build awareness on health-related topics that impact the nurse anesthesia community, such as getting help for substance use disorder. There are many health and wellness ideas to support the personal well-being of CRNAs and student nurse anesthetists close to where they live and work. Benefits to promoting health and wellness:

  • Adds variety and networking opportunities
  • Helps encourage healthy behaviors 
  • Provides awareness of the occupational risk of substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Informs members of the AANA resources for assisting colleagues with SUD

State Association Wellness Basics

Planning for State Association Meetings

Additional Ideas

  • Offer wellness activities such as a 5k walk/run, yoga, or meditation to meeting attendees. Poll you membership - you might find several skilled to run a class or eager to lead a group of walker or runners. 
  • Add fundraising opportunities to your Wellness Exhibits. It can be a fun raffle or game to encourage social responsibility. Funds could be raised to donate to nonprofits such as the AANA Foundation for scholarships or the Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture Series fund, a local charity, or a cause related to patient safety. 
  • Post information on local houses of worship - spiritual wellness opportunity for those away from home.
  • List or link to information about the hotel's fitness center or local classes.