State Health and Wellness

Join the wellness movement!

There are many health and wellness ideas to support the personal well-being of CRNAs and student nurse anesthetists close to where they live and work. Below are ideas for mixing wellness into state association meetings; you'll find that many of these can easily be adapted to a single workplace setting or nurse anesthesia educational program too. 

See the State Health and Wellness Exhibit Toolkit for a printable version of these ideas and to download handouts or art for the display. Share your ideas - send photos or stories to

Benefits to promoting health and wellness: 
  • Adds variety and networking opportunities
  • Helps encourage healthy behaviors 
  • Provides awareness of the occupational risk of substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Informs members of the AANA resources for assisting colleagues with SUD

Ideas for State Association Meetings  ​ ​

Build Awareness with the Health and Wellness Exhibit Toolkit:
  • Recruit local students, or CRNAs who work together, to help organize or "staff" the table; great learning experience and intro to getting involved in the state association. Photo: California Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  • Offer fresh fruit, healthy granola bars, or bags of nuts and dried fruits in attractive display, or host chair massages for a wellness break.
  • Supply flyers, articles, or free government brochures on wellness topic - see toolkit

Include Health and Wellness and Substance Use Disorder topics:

There are so many topics of health and wellness that are beneficial to your audience. 
Photo: Terry Wicks, CRNA, MHS, Past AANA President speaks on CRNA wellness.

Bring Wellness Activities to your Attendees:

state-PANA-2012-150-walk.JPGIt can be simple or formal. Be innovative! 

There are lots of creative ideas from 5K walk/runs, to simple before dinner walks; Yoga, tai chi, salsa dancing, Zumba, etc. Poll your membership - you might find several skilled to run a class or eager to lead a group of walker or runners. Photo left: Pennsylvania Association of Nurse Anesthetists early morning Walk and Talk - a healthy fresh air socialization start to a meeting day; Photo right: Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetist Salsa dancing!

Blend Fundraising Opportunities with your wellness display:

Run a game or raffle to encourage social responsibility.  Funds could be raised to donate to nonprofits such as the AANA Foundation for scholarships or the Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture Series fund, a local charity, or a cause related to patient safety. Photo: Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists raffle and customized informational poster. 

Involve AANA and state association leadership:am12 aana leaders at walk run 150.jpg.png

AANA Leadership supports CRNA and student nurse anesthetists' wellness.  Invite national and state leaders to be included in your health and wellness activities.

Reach out into the local community - CRNAs Going the Distance:

See CRNA Teams for inspiration on bonding CRNAs together to reach out into the community.  Patti Bright spoke on "CRNAs Going the Distance: Changing Your Community While Promoting Your Profession" at the 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco and encouraged states that they too could create CRNA groups or teams to celebrate their profession and contribute to local or national charitable needs.  The theme is CRNAs Go the Distance, Nurse Anesthetists Changing Live, Communities, the World and your can adapt the graphic design to your event or fundraiser.   Contact for more information and the artwork, or to invite Patti to come speak at your state meeting.     

​Provide wellness resources for meeting attendees: 
  • Post information on local houses of worship - spiritual wellness opportunity for those away from home
  • Schedule an Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR) support meeting.  Your State Peer Advisor (SPA) can provide information or contact the AIR phone number. 
  • Designate a morning or evening meeting spot and time for runners and walkers to informally congregate and go out as a group (see PANA's idea above for a walk and talk).
  • List or link to information about the hotel's fitness center or local classes
Take photos of your activities and exhibit and email to