Social Responsibility

CRNAs Going the Distance: Nurse Anesthetists Changing Lives, Communities, the World

The AANA's dedication to wellness and social responsibility are incorporated throughout our association and membership activities. Whatever your cause, we support your efforts and hope you also recognize the gains, aside from the societal rewards, to your personal well-being by reaching out and helping others.  Many nurse anesthetists and students volunteer within their communities helping military veterans, underserved populations, or dedicating time and resources to other passions that benefit society (see CRNA Teams for example).  Many lend their professional skills across the globe for those in third world countries to have medical procedures that otherwise would not be feasible. 

AANA 2014 - 2015 social responsiblity cause: Medically Induced Trauma Support Services (MITSS)

MITSS creates awareness of the impact adverse medical events have for patients, families, and the care providers involved. This work is aligned with the AANA mission to advances patient safety, practice excellence, and its members’ profession. In addition to advocating for transparency and apology, MITSS advocates for the development of support services for care providers in healthcare institutions using a model of peer support.

MITSS also provides direct services for care providers seeking confidential emotional support in one-on-one and group settings.  They have designed several tools that can help departments and individual clinicians deal effectively with the effects of adverse events - see also     

Donate to MITSS: 

Follow this link to donate. Note charitable donations for MITSS are being administered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Inc. (IHI).  

AANA 2012 - 2013 social responsibility cause: Lifebox Foundation 

Over the two years Lifebox was the beneficiary at each year's Annual Meeting 5K walk/run; the net proceeds in 2012 were $9,200 and in 2013 $4,100! See the thank you 
letter from Lifebox's Chief Executive, Pauline Philip
, with an update on their progress toward safer surgery worldwide; also see the Lifebox blog posting: Walk/Run for Safer Surgery.
Please consider a donation to this valuable work at, when making an online donation of any size you can self identify as an AANA member in the dropdown menu.  
"Journey of an Oximeter" in the British Medical Journal, which includes an interview with Lifebox donor Janet Dewan, CRNA, MS and the recipient, Dr. Maman Sani Chaibou of the Niamey National Hospital in the Replic of Niger. Link to full text of article, courtesy of BMJ (BMJ 2013;346:f241).
See also, one CRNA's Lifebox Story.