Moving in Healthy Ways

Just 30 minutes a day!

You've probably seen lots in the news lately about the health risks related to a sedentary lifestyle along with the benefits found from walking just 30 minutes day.  Learn more about fitting this into your daily routine and enjoy this comical video too at Every Body Walk!  

10 Simple Stretches:

Include some simple stretches in your workday to improve or maintain your flexibility and prevent workplace injuries.

Tips on moving and exercise:

Everything you ever wanted to know about exercise - fact sheets from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Training tips - whether you are preparing for any 5K event or the AANA walk/run in Orlando these can help you get to the finish line. Also see AANA articles in the Wellness Milestones index.

Get in the Action:

Wherever you are - workplace, state association meeting, nurse anesthesia educational program, local community - join the action (or organize for you and your colleagues). See: What You Can Do about Workplace Wellness,
State Health and Wellness, and/or Wellness Activities at AANA Meetings.  

More? Return to Physical Well-Being, or check out Health and Wellness Phone Apps.   

Links to external physical fitness resources​ ​
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