Jan Stewart Speakers in the Series

Photos, left: 2013 speaker Maria van Pelt, CRNA, MS, MSN being introduced by FY 2013 AANA Health and Wellness Committee Chair, Janet Dewan, CRNA, MS. Photo above:2014 Anita Bertrand, CRNA, MS; Linda Stone, CRNA, MSN, chair AANA Peer Assistance Advisors Committee; Sarah Stewart Gomes and daughter Amelya.
Past Annual Meeting​ Speaker/Topic​
​#12: 2015, Salt Lake City ​William B. Baun, EPD, CWP, FAWP "Empowering Calm Through Engaged Resilience"
​#11: 2014, Orlando Anita Bertrand, CRNA, MS "Making Lemonade: One CRNA's Story of Addiction and Recovery"  See video of Anita's lecture: www.AANA.com/MakingLemonade
​#10: 2013, Las Vegas Maria van Pelt, CRNA, MS, MSN "The Aftermath of Perioperative Catastrophes: Our (CRNAs) Voices are Finally Heard!" See related resources: Adverse Medical Events/Bad Outcome - How to Cope​
#9: 2012, San Francisco​
Chris Crowley "Younger Next Year"
#8: 2011, Boston​ Martin Iguchi, PhD
"How Goes the War on Drugs?"
​#7: 2010, Seattle Delancy Street Foundation
"The Power to Change" conversation with Wellness Committee members Terry Wicks, CRNA, MHS and Patti Bright, CRNA, MS
#6: 2009, San Diego​
Jeanne Stawiecki, CRNA
"Ordinary to Extraordinary"​
#5: 2008, Minneapolis
David Romanelli
"Livin' the Moment"
#4: ​2007, Denver
William Cope Moyers
"Further Along the Broken Road to Recovery"
#3: ​2006, Cleveland
Mark Therrien
"Laughter is Contagious" ​
#2: ​2005, Washington, D.C.
Michael Roizen, MD
"Real Age: Getting Younger and Being Healthier"
​#1: 2004, Seattle
Douglas Cook, MD
"CRNA, An At Risk Provider"