Health and Wellness Activities at AANA Meetings

Mid Year Assembly 2017 - Washington, D.C.
  • Saturday, April 8, 6:00 - 7:00 a.m. Free Drop-in Fusion Exercise Class (stretching, Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi)

Renaissance Washington, D.C. Downtown Hotel wellness features:

  • VIDA Fitness with cardiovascular equipment, free werights, cardio machines, sauna, personal and group training, etc.
  • Aura Spa
CRNAs Going the Distance - Annual Fun 5K Walk/Run
Winners in the past three Fun 5K Walk/Runs ​  ​ ​
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2014 top three women - from left to right Sarah McMaster, SRNA; Nina Parks-Taylor, CRNA;​ Lisa Nause, SRNA
2014 top three men - Jonathan Beck, SRNA (center); Christian Falyar, CRNA (left); Eric Swanlund, SRNA (right)​
2013 top three women - from left to right Tiffany Uranga, CRNA; Sarah Lancos, SRNA; Kaitlin Kenny, SRNA
​2013 top three men - Jonathan Beck (center); Aaron Ainsworth, SRNA; Kerry Varner, CRNA (right)
  walk run 2012 first 3 women300.jpg
walk run 2012 first 3 men300.jpg
2012 top three women - from left to right, Priscilla Shaw, CRNA; Natalie Shields; LCDR Tiffany Dodson, CRNA 
2012 top three men - from left to right, Matt Watson; Bradly Green; Wake Forest SRNA Jud Elliott with walk/run chair Patti Bright, CRNA, MS
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Hold activities at your state meeting too - see State Health and Wellness for this and more ideas
Wellness Tips: An article on provides ideas for fitness and fun when you travel for a meeting: CRNA Fitness: Make the Most of Your Meeting