Wellness Phone Apps

Collection of Health and Wellness Phone Apps

To start the list, we've got three apps from Cleveland Clinic Wellness:

  • Daily Wellness Tip
  • Go! To Sleep
  • Stress Meditations

A few from 2012 Health & Wellness student representative Patrick Harrell:

  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
  • iMapMyRun by MapMyFitness for speed, pace, and distance in user set intervals
  • iHeartRadio to use along with iMapMyRun which does not have a radio function
  • Couch to 5K

Just 30 minutes a day - personalize your walking plan with the Every Body Walks! app

Reuters article - New iPhone apps that offer rewards for exercising

Los Angeles Times article - Fitness: Exercise Apps for your smartphone

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 Surgeon General's wellness app challenge

The United States Surgeon General is challenging developers to create phone apps to improve health by influencing healthy behaviors.  See the four winners (Lose It!, Good Guide, Fooducate, and Healthy Habits) and
the other 52 submissions:
Washington Post article on this innovative government action to "gamify" healthcare

 What's your favorite app?

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