Fatigue and Sleep

Fatigue can affect every aspect of a well individual - both personally and professionally.  Lack of adequate rest is an element of fitness-for-duty. 

 Fatigue and anesthesia professionals


Night Shift Nursing, Self-Care is Key - authored by Krista Bragg, CRNA, DNP and Ken Bragg, BSN, BS, RN in in Advance for Nursing, May 2013

AANA Journal, August 2011: The National Study of Sleep-Related Behaviors of Nurse Anesthetists: Personal and Professional Implications by Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD and John Aker, CRNA, DNAP

Patient Safety: Fatigue, Sleep, and Work Schedule Effects - AANA Position Statement 2.17

In the Wellness Milestones index you'll find the article, Working the Night Shift: An Emerging Health Risk?   

Physiological Fatigue is addressed in Chapter 20, Promoting Professional Wellness, by Sandra Tunajek, CRNA, DNP, and Diana Quinlan, CRNA, MS, in the book A Professional Study and Resource Guide for the CRNA 2nd Edition

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 Help to get the sleep you need

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 CDC Info on Sleep


​"Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions," according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

See more of what they have to say About Sleep as it relates to your personal health and wellness.