Career Transition

CRNAs, like most healthcare professionals, will face multiple challenges during their career.  Transitioning from student to anesthesia professional, career changes about five or ten years later, and then approaching retirement age. 

Approaching Retirement

We'll add more resources here for the earlier career transitions, but to start this topic, here's a collection for when retirement is on the horizon and thoughts arise about planning for retirement or considering your value in the workplace.  

Wellness Milestones column: Transitions: Moving into a Happy, Productive Retirement

AARP Retirement Planning 

Arts and Aging Services Fields dedicated to enhancing quality of life by embedding the arts into the lives of older adults; see Creativity Matters toolkit.

Career Advice for Mature Nurses by

Finding Ways to Keep Long Time RNs by American Nurse

National Academy on Aging Society dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of aging.  Website includes resources such as:

Retirement Planning for Mature Nurses by Minority Nurse

See also Healthy Aging under the AANA Health and Wellness topic Physical Well-Being


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