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CRNAs Going the Distance: Nurse Anesthetists Changing Lives, Communities, the World

In September 2012, Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists (VANA) CRNA Patti Bright led the CRNA's Rock team for the seventh time in the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon to support a local non-profit for homeless outreach, People In Need (PIN).  Bright is president-elect for VANA, a member of the AANA's Health and Wellness Committee, the chair of the AANA Walk/Run, and an enthusiastic leader in helping others. For the past four years, Bright's social responsibility commitment extended beyond the marathon as during the months leading up the run she trained homeless men and women to participate. This training creates discipline, hope, and empowerment to develop self sufficiency to improve lives and escape homelessness.

Photo, from left: Justine Walker, PIN trainee; Jennifer Sargent, student nurse anesthetist; Patti Bright, CRNA, MS and Janet Dewan, CRNA, MS, Chair AANA Health and Wellness Committee.

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