Wellness and Peer Assistance

Wearing Masks DVD:

Wearing Masks: The Series is the complete collection of seven programs on substance abuse disorders in anesthesia produced over a 13-year period.  The objective of these programs is to help get those with substance use disorders into safe and confidential treatment.  The urgent, continuing message is that more education is needed on the dangers of substance addiction in anesthesia-education of anesthesia providers, education of healthcare colleagues, and education of family and friends. 

The Series consists of the following seven programs:
Wearing Masks One
Wearing Masks: Ten Years Later
Contradictions (Award Winner)
Hope: Tim Glidden Story
Alterations of Brain Pathways
The Spectrum of Intervention
The Challenge of Re-entry

Compilation of the compete collection of the Wearing Masks series - now available to view online

About Wellness DVD
#318  N/C
also available to download or run online
About Wellness is a beautiful and powerful video message by Sarah Stewart Gomes that pays tribute to her mother, Jan Stewart, and warns viewers of the terrible toll that addiction can take on nurse anesthetists and their loved ones.  Sarah's message struck a nerve and has been widely requested by directors of nurse anesthesia educational programs, state nurse anesthetist association presidents, peer assistance advisors, and members charged with and interested in creating awareness of addiction and other obstacles to wellness.

State Peer Assistance Advisors Workshop - DVD Set    
#4041   $20.00

Held in May of 2007 the first SPA workshop included expert speakers on substance abuse and peer assistance in the anesthesia profession.  Content includes Bridging Practitioner Wellness and Patient Safety, the Current State of Drug Misuse by CRNAs, Addition: It's a Brain Disease Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Treatment for the Addicted Nurse Anesthetists, Intervention: Who, What, When, Where & How, Alternative Programs, SPA Role and Responsibility, Balancing Ethics, Regulation and the Peer Advisor Role, and AANA Wellness Program: Role of Peer Assistance Advisors.

Substance Abuse Polices for Anesthesia          
#297   $15.00

A comprehensive resource for anesthesia providers and the first book to collect the policies, procedures, and structures needed in anesthesia departments to educate and protect practitioners through better understanding of substance misuse and dependency.  


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