Career Encounters: Men in Nursing DVD                  
#288    $12.00
This important video spotlights men in the nursing profession, 27 minutes
(DVD/1999) A 7-minute, 20-second informative video for patients and the general public. 
Nurse Anesthetists, Politically Speaking          
#299     $20.00
(VHS/1999) A brief video explaining how easy, rewarding, and important it is to get involved and to make your voice heard in Congress
AANA Radio PSAs                       
#291        N/C
(CD-ROM/2008) Available in English and Spanish
AANA Television PSA                   
#293        N/C
About Wellness DVD                  
#318        N/C
About Wellness is a beautiful and powerful video message by Sarah Stewart Gomes that pays tribute to her mother, Jan Stewart, and warns viewers of the terrible toll that addiction can take on nurse anesthetists and their loved ones.  Sarah's message struck a nerve and has been widely requested by directors of nurse anesthesia educational programs, state nurse anesthetist association presidents, peer assistance advisors, and members charged with and interested in creating awareness of addiction and other obstacles to wellness.

American Association of Nurse Anesthestists
80th Anniversary Video N/C
Run time 7:54
View the "Celebrating 100 Years" video in its entirety (coming soon) 
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