Patient Information Pamphlets

Anesthesia Options for Labor and Delivery       
What Every Expectant Mother Should Know
Also available in Spanish
This leaflet describes the different types of anesthesia administered during childbirth.

Questions such as "Is Anesthesia Safe?" "Will a Nurse Anesthetist Stay With Me Throughout My Surgery?" and "What Determines Which Type of Anesthesia is Best for Me?" are answered in this informative pamphlet.

This pamphlet describes the role anesthesia plays in your surgery, communication essentials, and even provides a preanesthesia questionnaire.
Do's and Don'ts for after you have undergone anesthesia.
This informational brochure describes how CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) affect healthcare, what the role of a CRNA is, what the educational requirements are for a CRNA, and more!
What Every Patient Should Know to Prepare for Surgery and Anesthesia in a Physician's Office. How can you find out if an office truly is safe for surgery and anesthesia? By becoming a partner in safety with your Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  Patients who know what to look for in the office setting and which questions to ask their CRNA can better determine how safe a facility is.  Read this informational brochure and become a partner of CRNAs and safe anesthesia.

Preparing for Your Child's Surgery and Anesthesia
This pamphlet details how a parent can help his or her child before surgery and anesthesia.

What are herbal products and what are the concerns?  What should you do before having an anesthetic?  These questions and others are answered, and popular herbal products with their possible side effects are detailed.
Also Available in Spanish