NEW! The Chemistry and Physics of Drugs Used in Anesthesia
#173204 $67.50
Cynthia Dowd, PhD
Lemont B. Kier, PhD
Publisher, The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2014
This text is an expanded update of The Chemistry of Drugs for Nurse Anesthetists. Useful features include a new glossary, expanded index, and hundreds of helpful illustrations. Written by researchers, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, and anesthesia practitioners, this comprehensive book presents the chemical and physical essence of the substances and compounds used in operating rooms every day. Drugs are introduced, identified, and portrayed as to their chemical and physical properties, and then described in a physiological setting. In each description, side effects, drug-drug interactions, long-term effects, and safety features are introduced and explained thoroughly for the CRNA. This essential resource is also priced with the student in mind—unlike competitor’s books. The Chemistry and Physics of Drugs Used in Anesthesia provides the foundation of your practice.

Evidence Trumps Belief, 2nd Edition
#172985 $26.95
Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD.
Publisher, The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2013
This expanded second edition includes additional chapters that make the text more versatile and provide readers a better foundation for achieving statistical power, identifying biomedical betrayal, and spotting statistical errors in published reports.

Nurse Anesthesia, 5th Edition
Nagelhout Book (2).jpg
#2433 $125.00 
Also available as a pageburst eBook
John J. Nagelhout, CRNA, PhD, and Karen Plaus, CRNA, PhD, FAAN
Publisher, Saunders Elsevier, 2014
The fifth edition of this popular and comprehensive text continues to focus on the application of sound scientific principles to modern anesthesia practice for all types of surgical procedures and patient populations.
Handbook of Nurse Anesthesia, 5th Edition
Nagelhout Handbook (2).jpg
#2434   $68.95 
Also available as a pageburst eBook
John J. Nagelhout, CRNA, PhD, and Karen Plaus, CRNA, PhD, FAAN
Publisher, Saunders Elsevier, 2014
This pocket-sized reference contains fully updated information on common diseases, the latest diagnostic and surgical procedures, and common drugs. 
2013 CRNA Compensation and Benefits Survey
13 CRNA Compensation- Benefits Cover.jpg
(2012 Data Collected March-April 2013)
This AANA report contains comprehensive data collected from the CRNA Compensation and Benefits Survey.  CRNAs and employers of CRNAs will find the information contained in the 119-page report to be of particular value.  Order your Copy today.

Critical Events in Anesthesia: A Clinical Guide for Nurse Anesthetists
Critical events cover.jpg
#2188 $37.50 
Sass Elisha, CRNA, EdD
Mark Gabot, CRNA, MSN
Jeremy Heiner, CRNA, MSN
Publisher, The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2012
This pocket-sized book has a simple, uniform, and concise chapter format that makes this source a valuable reference for practicing clinicians, educators, and learners alike.  Each chapter focuses on identifying and treating anesthesia care.  The increased incidence and complexity of comorbid diseases that develop during surgery and anesthesia make it essential that all anesthesia providers are able to recognize, prevent when possible, diagnose, and rapidly treat anesthetic complications and emergencies. More information
A Professional Study and Resource Guide for the CRNA 2nd Edition 
#1958   $75.00  
Scot D. Foster, CRNA, PhD, FAAN
Margaret Faut Callahan, CRNA, DNSc, FAAN
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc. 2011
The comprehensive resource for practicing and student nurse anesthetists covers all aspects of a career in nurse anesthesia

Let The Record Show  
Legal Briefs CoverSM.jpg    
#475   $29.95  
Gene Blumenreich, JD
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc., 2001
A Special Collection of Legal Brief Columns from the AANA Journal

A Resource for Nurse Anesthesia Educators
#266   $49.95   
Bernadette Henrichs, CRNA, PhD., CCRN
Judy Thompson, CRNA, MS, APRN
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc. 2009
Written by experts, this book offers valuable information, inspiration, and encouragement to nurse anesthesia educators

Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesiology
#267   $114.95

Richard G. Ouellette, CRNA, MEd
Joseph A. Joyce, CRNA, BS
Publisher, Jones and Bartlett, 2011
Written by CRNA's for CRNA's, this books provides chemical, biological, and physical information of the actions, interactions, and reactions for medication, particularly as they apply and impact the practice of nurse anesthesia

Case Studies in Nurse Anesthesia

#268   $106.95   
Sass Elisa, CRNA, EdD.
Publisher, Jones and Bartlett, 2011
This multiauthored book provides succinct and relevant information in a questions and answer format for easy understanding.  The 55 chapters are divided into surgical specialties, with a focus on the most frequently performed procedures.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Essentials: A Model for Advanced Practice Nursing
DNP Practice Essentials Book.jpg
#172997   $90.95  
Mary Zaccagnini, DNP, RN, AOCN, and Kathryn White, CRNA, DNP, RN
Publisher, Jones and Bartlett, 2011
This multiauthored book assists and advises current DNP students considering obtaining the degree, and it serves as a reference for those who have already completed a DNP program.

Perianesthesia Nursing 

#2215   $88.95
A Critical Care Approach
6th Edition, Cecil B. Drain, CRNA, PhD, RN, FAAN, FASAHP and Jan Odom-Forren, RN, BSN, MS, CPAN, FAAN
Publisher, Saunders Elsevier, 2013
The book features five distinct sections - the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations.  Nursing and pharmacologic interventions are integrated with in-depth coverage of pathophysiology.

Nurse Anesthesia Pocket Guide

#264   $60.95  
A Resource for Students and Clinicians
Lynn Fitzgerald Macksey
Publisher, Jones and Bartlett, 2010
The 2nd edition of this handy resource includes general anesthesia principles, obstetrics, pediatrics, regional anesthesia, and medication charts

A Never Event: Exposing the Largest Outbreak of Hepatitis C in American Healthcare History
A Never EventSM.jpg
 #263   $16.95  
Evelyn McKnight and Travis T. Bennington
Publisher, Arbor Books Inc. 2008
Read about the human tragedy behind something that should never have happened - an outbreak where nearly 100 cancer patients contracted hepatitis C due to unsafe injection practices in a Nebraska oncology clinic.

Advancing the Art and Science of Anesthesia for 75 Years:  
#262   $37.50   SALE: $25.00
A Pictoral History of the Aerican Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Publisher, The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2006
Take a trip through the fascinating, inspiring history of the AANA and the profession of nurse anesthesia with this keepsake coffee table book published in honor of the AANA's 75th anniversary

Nurse Anesthesia Secrets  

#258   $39.95  
Mary C. Karlet, CRNA, PhD.
Publisher, Mosby Inc., 2006 
Using a question-and-answer format, this text covers pharmacology, equipment, anesthetic management for patients with specific disorders, considerations for procedures, and more. 

Silenced Screams  
Silenced Screams.jpg
Sale: $9.95  
Surviving Anesthetic Awareness During Surgery: A True-life Account
Publisher, AANA Publishing Inc. 2002
In this harrowing personal account, Liska details how she survived posttraumatic stress disorder following her experience of waking up during surgery and went on to assist other victims of anesthetic awareness.
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc. 1989
A fascinating read, this book provides a vivid account of the accomplishments of the nurse anesthesia profession from its very beginning in the 19th century.  Now available in paperback.
EKG Interpretation: Simple-Thorough-Practical, 2nd Ed. 

#253   Sale: $15.00  
Mark Kossick, CRNA, DNSc
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc., 2000
Clear, concise, and richly illustrated, this valuable reference equips readers with a sound working knowledge of electrocardiography.

Clinical Techniques of Regional Anesthesia:
2 self-contained manuals for CRNAs and students

Upper Extremity Blocks 
upper extremity blocks.jpg
#294   $25.00  
Charles A. Reese, CRNA, PhD
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc. 1993
This indispensable resource covers anatomic and physiologic features, techniques, pharmacology, and the identification and treatment of complications

Spinal and Epidural Blocks, 3rd Edition

#295   $60.00  
Charles A. Reese, CRNA, PhD
Publisher, AANA Publishing, Inc. 2007
Richly illustrated and featuring concise, step-by-step instructions, Clinical Techniques of Regional Anesthesia has been revised to reflect the numerous changes in the practice of central neurosis analgesia and anesthesia.
The U.S. Health Workforce: Power, Politics, and Policy
#296   $25.00  
Marian Osterweis
Christopher J. McLaughlin
Henri R. Manasse, Jr.
Cornelia L. Hopper
Publisher, Association of Academic Health Centers, 1996
A unique contribution to the workforce policy literature, this collection of articles examines all levels of policy making and all of the health professions that make up the health workforce. 
Not What the Doctor Ordered  
#298   $20.00   
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD.
Publisher, MaGraw-Hill, 1998
How to End the medical Monopoly in Pursuit of Manages Care, 2nd Ed.
This thought-provoking book explains how opening up the healthcare market and creating competition can achieve the goals of health reform and managed care without raising costs or imposing restrictions.
Bernadette T. Higgins Roche, CRNA, EdD
Published, 2007
This comprehensive resource collects the policies procedures, and structure needed in anesthesia departments to educate and protect practitioners through better understanding of substance abuse and dependency.

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