Timeline of AANA History, 1960s

Membership passed 10,000.
Cameron Meredith, PhD, educational advisor to the AANA, became the first non-nurse anesthetist honorary member of the AANA.
AANA's produced its first filmstrip. “Proud Profession” was a seven-minute recruitment effort aimed at high school students.
Alaska became the 51st association to affiliate with the AANA. All 50 states plus Washington, D.C., were now affiliated.
The Journal and NewsBulletin were published on a bimonthly basis.
The filmstrip “Anesthesia: A Special Type of Nursing” was released and won the Blue Ribbon Award at the American Film Festival.
The bylaws were changed to have dues sent directly to the executive office and not to the state treasurers.
The last Refresher Course for nonmembers took place.
The Puerto Rico Association of Nurse Anesthetists became the 52nd state affiliate.
Florence McQuillen was honored in a surprise ceremony at the Annual Banquet that paid tribute to her 15 years of service as the AANA Executive Director.
AANA's third filmstrip, “An Introduction to a History of the Nurse in Anesthesia,” debuted at  the Annual Meeting.
The first Council Conference was held. It would become the Assembly of States in 1976.
A retirement plan for the executive office staff was established.
COL Mildred Clark became the first nurse anesthetist to serve as Chief of the Army Nurse Corps.
The Bylaws Committee introduced a new form to assist in the conversion of state and assembly bylaws to a uniform format. 
The executive office employed a staff of 12, which followed the “long time plan of one employee for each 1,000 members.”
The Education Committee’s “Educator’s Salary Survey” indicated the average salary for clinical instructors was $573 per month.
AANA members served in Vietnam. Two nurse anesthetists, Lieutenants Jerome Olmsted and Kenneth Shoemaker, lost their lives in 1967.
Members were urged to provide zip codes to the executive office in accordance with new Post Office mail regulations.
Florence McQuillen, CRNA, was honored as the top health association executive of the year at Hospital Management’s awards breakfast.
Region 6 was established.
The first Teachers’ Workshop was held. It was established to help AANA members improve their teaching skills.
The AANA Public Relations Committee and the executive staff met with ASA leaders to explore ways the two associations could cooperate to provide better anesthesia services to patients. 
The Public Relations Committee produced the recruitment filmstrip “In These Hands.”
Vice President Marie Bader, CRNA, attended the National League for Nursing convention representing the AANA Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees authorized an annual holiday party for the executive office staff as a present from the AANA members to the staff. 
The AANA NewsBulletin and the ASA Newsletter published the jointly developed “ASA-AANA Statement” which concluded “[i]t is, therefore, highly desirable that continued close liaisons be developed between these organizations for enhancing the quality and quantity of available personnel, for advancing educational opportunities, for determining ethical relationships and for the overall improvement of patient care.”
AANA members approved voluntary continuing education for CRNAs, and certificates for Continued Professional Excellence were awarded to members who met the eligibility requirements.
Stories of Success, a TV show on the AANA and nurse anesthetists, was filmed at locations in Chicago and California.
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