Smallpox Resources

American College of Physicians Bioterrorism Resources
This site has links to articles on anthrax, smallpox, biotoxins, plague and more; readiness plans for facilities, psychological post-trauma resources and PDA offerings.
American Nurses Association Bioterrorism and Disaster Response
ANA has established a website containing the latest information about smallpox vaccinations to help nurses and other care providers make informed decisions about administering and receiving the vaccination.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Announcements, basic public information, vaccination information and more can be found on this comprehensive Smallpox website.
Compensation Plan Needed to Offset Smallpox Vaccine Risks
Physicians and others have suggested that a federal program be developed to provide no-fault coverage for adverse reactions.
eMedicine CBRNE - Smallpox
Symptoms, background, pathophysiology, frequency, history, causes, complications, treatment, medications, and follow up information is provided.
Health & Human Services Smallpox
This all-encompassing site provides information about smallpox for healthcare providers, public health professionals, kids, teens, parents, laboratory professionals, media, and the military. Basic smallpox information is available in both English and Spanish. Information also can be found about immunizations, and a response plan and guidelines.
Medline: Smallpox
This site provides background information, various resources and links, articles, policies, information about vaccination and more.
Military Smallpox Vaccination Program
Statistics, safety record, and information about the program to vaccinate people serving in the U.S. military.
National Network for Immunization Information (NNii)
Any and all information about the smallpox vaccine, including background information, history, who should receive the vaccine, dosing schedule, and more.
Smallpox Fact Sheet
Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and vaccination are all discussed on this informative FAQs page.