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CRNA Discussion and Email Lists

This listing is provided as a service to inform AANA members of anesthesia resources on the Internet. AANA does not endorse or recommend any sites. This list is not all inclusive and other resources may exist that might be beneficial to CRNAs. AANA is not responsible for the content of these lists, and subscribers are advised to join or view content at their own risk.
CRNA-specific lists are listed first, followed by other anesthesia lists. Only lists with an identified responsible party have been listed.

CRNA-Run Discussion Lists

This CRNA-run list is moderated, which means that all messages are reviewed for appropriate content. CRNAnews was established by Washington CRNA Dan Simonson. Although moderated, the authors of individual posts and Dan Simonson, CRNA, are solely responsible for its content. To subscribe, send an email to dsimonson@mac.com  and include your full name and AANA number.
Old Gaspassers
A generally unmoderated mailing list, dealing with anesthesia information and CRNA issues. List owner is Juan Quintana, CRNA, DNP, MHS; co-moderated by Joe Rodriguez, CRNA. To apply, email Juan at a_sleeper2@yahoo.com. Membership is limited to those with verifiable AANA membership.
Clinical Anesthesia
Clinical anesthesia discussion for nurse anesthetists throughout the world moderated to maintain a clinical focus. List is open to CRNAs, international nurse anesthetists, and students in this specialty. Individuals posting about topics other than clinical matters are directed to other lists. All posts must be signed; unsigned posts may be returned without being distributed to the list. Administrator/Owner: Michael A. Fiedler, CRNA, PhD. List moderators include CRNAs residing over a broad cross-region of the United States. To join, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/ClinicalAnesthesia/info
A moderated list covering CRNA practice in pain management and pain management education. List is open to CRNAs, student nurse anesthetists, and international nurse anesthetists. All posts must be signed. Administrator/Owner: Thom Bloomquist, MS, CRNA, FAAPM. List moderators include Mike Barts, MS, CRNA, FAAPM. To apply, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pain-CRNA/
Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR) for Sobriety
Forum for CRNA/SRNAs in recovery or seeking recovery from the disease of chemical dependency to share their experience strength and hope. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/airforsobriety/
PAIR (Partners In Recovery)
An online e-group for mutual support for the partners/significant others of CRNAs/SRNAs that are in recovery from chemical dependency or in need of recovery from chemical dependency. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/PAIRforsobriety/

Other Anesthesia Lists

Outpatient Surgery Magazine Discussion Forum
For topics related to all things ASC/outpatient surgery. This allows CRNAs to enter into dialogue with their multi-disciplinary ASC colleagues.