Wyoming Valley Health Care System-National Nurse Anesthetists Week 2012

Celebrating Nurse Anesthetists Week 2012

Wyoming Valley Health Care System—Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Student registered nurse anesthetists celebrated National Nurse Anesthetists Week by donating food to a local food bank.
First Year Students

First row, left to right: Ann Culp, CRNA, DNP, assistant program administrator; Malyher Mian; Jerome Scarpati; Michael Trovato; Ann Marie Mullen; Emanuell Borowski; Stacey Martz; and Caroline Raskiewicz, CRNA, BSBA, DNP, program administrator.
Second row, left to right: Raphael Stuccio, Sean McFadden, Fortunata Mashibe, and Brooke Updegrove.
Third row, left to right: Timothy Naylor, Lucian Dumitru, Dominick Cosmello, and Mayra Serrano
Second Year Students
First row, left to right: Stephanie Rogers; Edith Dinga; Denean Yerger; Thomas Romero; Lisa Zmiejko; Sue Elczyna, CRNA, clinical director; Jerry Sarfo-Darko; and Angel Banovic.
Second row, left to right: Shannon Slabinski, Joyce Dougherty, Cesar Visurraga, Timothy Wirtz, Jillian Rupe, Sarina Cranage, and Ashley Fidler.


National Nurse Anesthetists Week Student Activities