Promotional Ideas, Billboards and Advertisements

National CRNA Week


Previously called National Nurse Anesthetists Week, in 2015 the week was renamed National CRNA Week.
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1. Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists - posted a billboard in Lansing, Mich., at 1-96 and Mount Hope Street


2. Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists - posted an ad on the "smartbus" system.
3. Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists - Advertised at the MHA Winter Conference


4. North Dakota Association of Nurse Anesthetists - Ad ran on 9 billboards in the Fargo, N.D. area
5. New Hampshire Association of Nurse Anesthetists - Ran ads in the largest newspaper in the state, the Manchester Union Leader, and in two other local papers.
 6. The Nebraska Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NANA) put together an ad that ran in movie theaters across Nebraska.
  1. Quinnipiac University was able to get three billboards displayed throughout Connecticut during National Nurse Anesthetists Week.

    Billboard off of Interstate 95 in Connecticut 


  1. Bus Ads by the North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists in Raleigh.
    Click on image to see larger version.

    Bus Ads by the North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists in Raleigh

  2. Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists' Ad (PDF)


  4. Anesthesia Associates of Cincinnati, Butler County Medical Center Poster:
    Click on image to see larger version.

    Anesthesia Associates of Cincinnati Poster



In 2008, the Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists' billboard below was not posted in honor of National Nurse Anesthetists Week, but we are featuring it here as a promotional idea that can be used for National Nurse Anesthetists Week. 

Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists Billboard west of St. Louis
Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists Billboard west of St. Louis


  1. In 2004, the Oregon Association of Nurse Anesthetists (OANA)'s Public Relations Chair, Rosalind Boyer, CRNA, MS, was able to get 2 large billboards displayed in the greater metropolitan Portland area during Nurse Anesthetists Week.
    2004 Oregon Billboard
    2004 Oregon Billboard


  2. The CRNAs at Ingham Regional Medical Center, Lansing, Mich., wanted to turn the Fifth Annual Nurse Anesthetist Week into a "Focus on Others" week. While other medical centers celebrate Anesthetist Week by focusing on the CRNA staff, the CRNAs at Ingham Regional Medical Center wanted the focus to be on others. To educate the general public, the CRNAs had a group photo taken and had the photo made into posters (PDF version). These posters were placed outside of the medical center’s cafeterias.
    The CRNAs sponsored a lunch for both campuses of the medical center.
    The highlight of the week was that the CRNAs had a new blanket drive. All the new blankets that were collected were delivered to a local mission. The local mission then provided those blankets to those in need free of charge.


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