ORANA-January 30 Potluck in the Park Event

National Nurse Anesthetists Week 2012

Zoe Vinson, Brad Johnson, Jenn Johnson, Kathy Cook, Chris Cook; Todd Nelson, Christy Cowgill, and Peter Lines, setting up to serve hot food to the homeless and ‎hungry.

Kathy Cook, CRNA; Chris Cook; Zoe Vinson, student registered nurse anesthetist; Brad Johnson, student registered nurse anesthetist; Jenn Johnson; Christy ‎Cowgill, CRNA; and Todd Nelson, CRNA, setting up the January 30th Potluck in the Park meal service. ‎Potluck in the Park has been serving up hot meals to the hungry in O'Bryant Square every Sunday for more ‎than 20 years.


Marilyn Hashimoto, CRNA, with sons Tyde and Kai, prepare food to be served up hot to the ‎hungry.
ORANA members helped feed almost 600 hungry Oregonians in just 70 minutes as the final ‎hooray to celebrate National Nurse Anesthetist Week around the state of Oregon.