ORANA January 22 Potluck in the Park Event

National Nurse Anesthetists Week 2012
Gabe Aron, CRNA; Mark Strube, CRNA; Melissa Strube, CRNA; Amanda Startup, student nurse anesthetist; Alan Greenbaum, CRNA; Nuria Martinez, CRNA; Christy Cowgill, CRNA; and Greg Pollard-Hermann, student nurse anesthetist, kick off the ORANA statewide volunteer event to celebrate National Nurse Anesthetist Week by volunteering for “Potluck in the Park” in downtown Portland.


Alan Greenbaum, CRNA, and Oregon nurse anesthetists, serve up 675 plates of food to 490 ‎hungry Oregonians.
Christy Cowgill, CRNA; Amanda Startup, student nurse anesthetist; and Alan Greenbaum, CRNA, serve up warm hot dogs to the hungry.
Gabe Aron, CRNA; Melissa Strube, CRNA; and Nuria Martinez, CRNA,
dish up desserts.
Mark Strube, CRNA; greets the homeless and needy with warm food and friendly discussion.