National Nurse Anesthetists Week 2010, Gateway Surgery Center

​Concord, N.C.

Seven CRNAs at Gateway Surgery Center in Concord, N.C., were honored by their colleagues during National Nurse Anesthetists Week with a custom decorated cake.

Gateway Surgical Center CRNAs, Concord, N.C., JPG
The cake was created and decorated by OR nurse Kristin Gurley, RN (pictured above), and her husband Kris. "We hated to cut into the masterpiece, but it was delicious, and perfectly presented."
CRNAs at the center include (from left to right): Rosita Loo, Becky McCall,
Lisa Barbee, Karyl McClellan, Jason Espada, Jane Brown
, and Donna Wall.
Posted March 15, 2010