In Memoriam

Karen Lee Hastings, CRNA, MSNA, BSN
At rest December 1, 2014
Rick L. Stolcpart, CRNA
At rest January 26, 2015
June Ann Curtis, CRNA
At rest January 24, 2015
At rest December 2, 2014
Catherine Park-Schaefer, CRNA, APN
At rest December 29, 2014
Russell Lynn, CRNA, MSN, APN
At rest December 16, 2014
At rest December 7, 2014
At rest November 30, 2014
Carol Tanner, CRNA
At rest October 27, 2014
Mary Lou Connolly, CRNA, JD, MS
At rest October 22, 2014

 Submission Guidelines

This section of the AANA website is intended to honor the recently deceased AANA member or staff. To submit information to be posted:
  • A family member or friend of the deceased member or staff person may write and submit an obituary to the AANA Web Editor, or may provide a link to an obituary in a local newspaper or other publication's website. Obituaries must be submitted via email or on disk. The name of the individual who submits the obituary will be published.
  • If the obituary is written and submitted by a family member or friend, it must be original (i.e., cannot have been copied from a local newspaper or other source).
  • A photograph will be posted if one is provided. The obituary will be edited for spelling and punctuation, but not for content. Facts will not be checked. See disclaimer. AANA staff will not write or provide research services for such obituaries.
All postings in In Memoriam will be maintained for six months from post date, and then removed.
Links to the AANA Foundation
If a request for donations to the AANA Foundation is made on behalf of a deceased member or staff person, the In Memoriam obituary for that individual will be linked to the Foundation section of the AANA website. The same will apply to situations where an education trust fund is established in the name of the deceased individual.


​Although obituaries submitted for the In Memoriam section will be edited for spelling, grammar and style, obituary facts will not be checked by AANA staff.
Any link to a newspaper or other site will be accurate upon posting, but will not be guaranteed after that. Newspaper sites frequently move content from its original location, and may in fact remove content from their site sooner than an In Memoriam obituary is removed from the AANA site.