Ira Gunn Memorial Video


 Memorial Video: Ira P. Gunn, CRNA, MLN, FAAN


 Memorial Program

The memorial service for legendary advocate and nurse anesthetist Ira P. Gunn, CRNA, MLN, FAAN, offers many heartfelt tributes. The service took place on April 16, 2012 at Arlington National Cemetery. The video runs just short of an hour and a half, and includes a slideshow of photos from Ira Gunn's life at the end.
Many thanks to Melydia Edge, CRNA, MSN, for her fine work on the video and slideshow.
Women in Military Service for America Memorial
Welcome​ Maura McAuliffe, CRNA, PhD, FAAN (emcee)​
Invocation​ Robert Griffey, Ira's nephew​
Military Comments​ Brigadier General Wilma Vaught, U.S. Air Force (ret)​
Major General Gale Pollock, CRNA, FACHE, FAAN, U.S. Army (ret)​
Remarks​ ​AANA President Debra Malina, CRNA, DNSc, MBA
Remarks​ ​NBCRNA President Mary Anne Krogh, CRNA, PhD, MS
Readings​ Tom Obst, CRNA, PhD​
Readings​ Mike Fallacaro, CRNA, DSN​
Eulogies​ ​Pamela James, Ira's niece
Patrick Downey, CRNA (by video)
Gene Blumenreich, JD
Old Friends Remember​

Richard Ouellette, CRNA, MEd
Peggy McFadden, CRNA, BS
Jan Mannino, CRNA, JD
Sandra Ouellette, CRNA, MEd, FAAN
Scott Gray, CRNA
Christine Zambricki, CRNA, MS, FAAN
Nancy Bruton-Maree, CRNA, MS
Jim Walker, CRNA, DNP
Rita Rupp, RN, MA​

Conclusions and Thanks​ Maura McAuliffe, CRNA, PhD, FAAN​
Slides with Photos​ Melydia Edge, CRNA, MSN​