Current Events and Natural Disaster Preparedness

Current Events and Natural Disaster Preparedness is a section devoted to providing resources and information when a natural disaster strikes. In the past, this section has featured information on hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. The biggest events covered have been Hurricane Katrina (2005)and the Haiti Earthquake (2010).

Tornado Resources

Washington Ill. Residents: Find recovery updates here.

Typhoon Haiyan Resources


Hurricane Preparedness

Find Open Shelters
This Red Cross site allows you to search by location.
Safe and Well List
This Red Cross site allows you to list yourself or find others.
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
AANA's Health and Wellness area presents helpful Emotional and Well-Being resources to help deal with a natural disaster of hurricane proportions.

Flood Resources

Flood Preparedness
Because floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, it is essential to implement a plan-of-action before the water rises. Below are some resources that offer steps to help you be better prepared for a flood.
Colorado Preparedness
Iowa Preparedness:
Kansas Preparedness:

Disaster Resources


CRNAs Volunteer for Haiti

In the tragic wake of the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists pulled up stakes and headed for the small but afflicted country of Haiti to offer their nursing and anesthesia services to Haiti's citizens. AANA pays tribute to these nurse anesthetists for their volunteer efforts.



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See the events compiled to bring awareness to various causes and organizations.

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