Wildfire Facts and Prevention

According to National Geographic, on average, more than 100,000 wildfires, also called wildland fires or forest fires, clear four to five million acres of land in the U.S. every year. In recent years, wildfires have burned up to nine million acres of land. A wildfire moves at speeds of up to 14 miles an hour, consuming everything—trees, brush, homes, even humans—in its path.

 Wildfire Preparedness

American Forests: Protecting and Restoring Forests
Forest ecosystems are dynamic and complex. A disturbance to any part of the network can upset the delicate balance of relationships, and affect the entire ecosystem.
American Red Cross: Central Texas Wildfire Response and Services
Understand what assistance is available, and be able to locate disaster centers.
Wildfire app
CBS Denver: Wildfire Resources
Information on what to do if a wildfire strikes in Colorado.
Center for Disease Control-Fighting Wildfires
The ongoing efforts to fight and control wildfires across the country highlight the heroic role of fire fighters in protecting lives and property.
Do Something: 11 Facts About Wildfires
Being educated is key to preventing wildfires. These basic facts will help keep you and your family safe.
Homeowners: What to do After a Fire
The information and links can be used by individual homeowners to aid in recovery after a wildfire.
New York State: Fire Prevention and Control
Resource links are provided to assist fire chiefs, emergency managers, and all emergency responders in anticipating and planning for drought conditions and wildfire potential.
Smokey the Bear - Only You Can Prevent Wildfires
Understand why some wildfires are caused by careless behavior, and gain essential wildfire prevention information.
Texas Wildfires
Extreme drought conditions have sparked dangerous wildfires across the state, taken lives, engulfed more than 3.8 million acres, and destroyed hundreds of homes. Texans must continue to heed all warnings from fire and local officials, and take all necessary precautions to minimize the risk of wildfire.
Washington State: Fire Information and Contacts
The Department of Natural Resources offers local fire districts support with fire protection and safety equipment requirements. Know who to contact before a wildfire strikes.

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