CRNA Volunteer Nina E. McLain, CRNA, PhD, MS

The LEAP Foundation and Dr. Scott Runnels' Mississippi Medical Rescue Team

Port-au-Prince, Haiti—January 30-February 8, 2010
After hearing that a Haiti-bound surgical relief group was planning to abort their trip because the anesthetist was suddenly unable to travel, Dr. Nina McLain rushed to obtain all the requisite vaccines and permits, and within 24 hours was on her way to Port-au-Prince, Haiti where she volunteered January 30-February 8, 2010. Nina reported that it was “a life altering, heart-wrenching and heart-warming experience."
"I recently returned from an eight day trip to Haiti in what was essentially a MASH-type setting for truly was more of a war zone in the area we were in, as opposed to the mission style medicine many people think of when they think of 'relief work.' What a humbling yet wonderful experience..." — Nina McLain, CRNA, PhD, MS
Nina E. McLain, Ph.D., CRNA
Nina E. McLain, Ph.D., CRNA in the OR