CRNA Volunteer Kathy Davison, CRNA, MS

CURE International
Pétionville, Haiti — January 20-28, 2010
I was in Haiti from January 20-28, 2010 at the Community Hospital in Pétionville, Haiti, in the hills above Port-au-Prince. I served with CURE International, an orthopedic speciality group. We did around 60 surgeries. We had one old Dräger machine, but very little oxygen, so mostly we did regionals on room air, and a few general anesthetics. We transferred several patients to the hospital ship USNS Comfort. This experience has made me so much more grateful and appreciative of all we have at home and in our operating rooms.

Kathy Davison administers a blood infusion
Kathy Davison, CRNA, MS working out in the street, administering
a blood infusion.