October 1996 AANA Journal

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Book Reviews
Guide to Mechanical Ventilation and Intensive Respiratory Care
Reviewed by: James Eckert, CRNA, MS
Print Version: 1996;64(5):406.

Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Wrongful termination
Print Version: 1996;64(5):408-410.
Keywords: Cause, employment-at-will, wrongful termination.

By Christine S. Zambricki, CRNA, MS
"Anesthesia providers, patient outcomes, and costs": The AANA responds to the Abenstein and Warner article in the June 1996 Anesthesia and Analgesia
Print Version: 1996;64(5):413-416.
Keywords: Anesthesia, anesthesia costs, anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthestists, delivery systems, nurse anesthetists, patient outcomes.

Washington Scene
By David E. Hebert, JD
Political conventions '96
Print Version: 1996;64(5):417-418.
Keywords: Democratic National Convention, lobbyist, Republican National Convention.

Imagining in Time
By Leroy D. Vandam, MD
The sesquicentennial of ether anesthesia
Print Version: 1996;64(5):419-420.
Keywords: Ether, history of anesthesia.

Poster Session abstracts presented at the 1996 AANA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
Print Version: 1996;64(5):423-459.

Countries where anesthesia is administered by nurses
By Lt Col Maura S. McAuliffe, CRNA, PhD
Beverley Henry, RN, PhD, FAAN
This international survey was done to provide information about nurse anesthesia care delivered in countries in the regions of the world designated by the World Health Organization. Phase I, reported here, of a three-phase project, determined that nurses administer anesthesia in at least 107 countries.
Print Version: 1996;64(5):469-479.
Keywords: Anesthesia, international, nurse anesthesia, World Health Organization.

Naloxone infusion combined with cerebrospinal fluid monitoring and drainage during thoracic aorta exploration: A case report
By Joseph A. Joyce, CRNA, BS
This is a case report of a patient on whom cerebrospinal fluid pressure monitoring and drainage was combined with an infusion of naloxone while undergoing exploration of the descending aorta, localized thromboembolectomy, and primary closure.
Print Version: 1996;64(5):480-484.
Keywords: Cerebrospinal fluid pressure, naloxone infusion, paraparesis, paraplegia, spinal cord perfusion pressure.

AANA Journal Course: Update for nurse anesthetists – The laryngeal mask airway: Attributes and inadequacies
By Richmond L. Griner II, CRNA, MSN
The laryngeal mask airway is a relatively new and innovative means to control the airway during anesthesia or in emergent situations. In this AANA Journal course, the author provides the reader with a historical background of the laryngeal mask airway and gives an account of its application in anesthesia through a review of the literature.
Print Version: 1996;64(5):485-496.
Keywords: Airway management, difficult airway, laryngeal mask airway.

Use of the laryngeal mask airway in managing a patient with a large anterior mediastinal mass: A case report
By Steven J. Hattamer, MD
Thomas M. Dodds, MD
In this case report, the authors describe a patient with a large anterior mediastinal mass who was managed with a general anesthetic and spontaneous ventilation through a laryngeal mask airway.
Print Version: 1996;64(5):497-500.
Keywords: Difficult airway, laryngeal mask airway, mediastinal mass.

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Print Version: 1996;64(5):406.

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Print Version: 1996;64(5):508.

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