October 1995 AANA Journal

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Book Reviews
Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Principles and Practice
Reviewed by: Timothy J. Quill, MD
Print version: 1995;63(5):372.

Legal Briefs
By Linda Williams, CRNA, JD
The disruptive physician
Print version: 1995;63(5):377-379.
Keywords: Abusive physician, competence, disruptive behavior, refusal of privileges, termination of privileges.

Washington Scene
By David E. Hebert, JD
Josie M. Ogaitis, RN, MS
Politial action committees: An overview
Print version: 1995;63(5):380-384.
Keywords: Contribution, PAC – political action committee, separate segregated funds.

Imagining in Time
By Lee C. Fosburgh, MLIS, MA
Nurse Anesthetists remembering a world at war – Part I: Nurse anesthetists prepare for war, 1939-1941
Print version: 1995;63(5):385-387.
Keywords: History of American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, history of nurse anesthetists, World War II.

AANA Journal Course: Update for Nurse Anesthetists – Pulmonary aspiration revisited: Changing attitudes toward preoperative fasting
By Michelle M. Haines, CRNA, MS
In this AANA Journal course, the author discusses the history and pathophysiology of aspiration pneumonitis, along with risk associated with specific patient populations. Mechanism of gastric emptying will be addressed and related to current data regarding preoperative fast length.
Print version: 1995;63(5):389-396.
Keywords: Aspiration, nothing by mouth status, pneumonitis, preoperative fasting, pulmonary aspiration.

Poster Session abstracts presented at the 1995 AANA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis
Print version: 1995;63(5):405-428.

Anesthetic management of the cocaine abuse patient
By Linda Voigt, RN, MSN
In this review article, the author states that in order to manage the cocaine user, the anesthesia practitioner should be knowledgeable regarding the physiological effects of chronic abuse, as well as management of acute intoxication. A background on cocaine abuse, preoperative considerations, and intraoperative anesthetic considerations are included in this article.
Print version: 1995;63(5):438-443.
Keywords: Cocaine, esmolol, labetolol, propranolol, substance abuse.

Laryngeal mask airway: An alternative for the difficult airway
By LCDR Jeffrey R. Jones, CRNA, BSN, BSNA, USN, NC
There have been numerous case reports documenting expected and unexpected difficult airways being secured with a laryngeal mask airway (LMA); this article describes one such incident. The author also reviews the LMA and its preparation and insertion; its advantage, contraindications and side effects; and its use in managing a difficult airway.
Print version: 1995;63(5):444-449.
Keywords: Aspiration, difficult airway, laryngeal mask airway.

General anesthetic considerations for the infant with shaken impact syndrome and pyloromyotomy: A case report
By Patricia J. Wadford, CRNA, MSN
This is a case report of an infant diagnosed with shaken impact syndrome who required general anesthesia for the repair of pyloric stenosis. The infant suffered neurologic impairment from shaking, which was not only the major etiologic factor but also the mechanism of injury.
Print version: 1995;63(5):450-454.
Keywords: Pyloric stenosis, shaken impact syndrome, whiplash-shake mechanism of injury.

Differential diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia: A case report
By Vicki L. Struebing, CRNA, MSN
This case report describes a 17-year-old male who received general anesthesia for repair of a torn right knee anterior cruciate ligament. A diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia was made when the patient exhibited tachycardia and temperature increase, although some discussion remained regarding the possibility of neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
Print version: 1995;63(5):455-460.
Keywords: Dantrolene sodium, malignant hyperpyrexia, malignant hyperthermia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome.


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Print version: 1995;63(5):372.


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Print version: 1995;63(5):468.

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