October 1991, AANA Journal

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Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Who does your lawyer represent?
Print version: 1991;59(5):390-392.
Keywords: Attorney/client privilege, conflict of interest, insurance.
Washington Scene  
By Kathleen A. Michels, RN, JD
Safe Harbor Rules issued for Medicare/Medicaid antikickback law
Print version: 1991;59(5):393-398.
Keywords: Medicare/Medicaid antikickback law, Office of Inspector General, Safe Harbor Rules.
Intraoperative latex anaphylaxis compounded by atracurium sensitivity: A case report 
By Cynthia A. Roy, BSN
Charles R. Barton, CRNA, MEd
This case report describes a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction in an 8-year-old patient that occurred shortly after intra-abdominal contact with latex surgical gloves.
Print version: 1991;59(5):399-404.
Keywords: Allergy, anaphylaxis, atracurium, latex.
Guest Editorial  
By Wendy Biddle, RN, PhD
Caroline Mikels, RN, BSN, CGC
Marianne Buzby, RN, C, MSN
Jane Gallagher, RN, BSN
Sue Frederick, RN, BSN
Mary Joan Cornelius, RN, BS
An introduction to research: A primer for the nurse anesthetist
Print version: 1991;59(5):421-431.
Keywords: Literature review, research process, study design.
Anticoagulation and Iloprost® for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: A case study  
By Kent Taylor, CRNA
Christopher L. Southwick, MD
This case study reports on two patients diagnosed with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) and their management with Iloprost®, a recently introduced prostacyclin analogue. When given in conjunction with heparin, Iloprost can be used to manage patients with documented or suspected HIT.
Print version: 1991;59(5):432-436.
Keywords: Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, Iloprost®.
AANA Journal Course: New technologies in anesthesia: Update for nurse anesthetists–Noninvasive, continuous, cardiac output monitoring by thoracic electrical bioimpedance  
By Craig S. Atkins, CRNA, MS
Risk management and cost containment concerns inherent in central venous cannulation and pulmonary artery catheter have prompted the search for noninvasive cardiac output methods. In this chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author discusses thoracic electrical bioimpedance as one such method.
Print version: 1991;59(5):445-452.
Keywords: Cardiac output, noninvasive, thoracic electrical bioimpedance.
Comparative flow rates of thin-walled and conventional-walled intravenous catheters  
By Christine Marie Bohn, CRNA, MS
Results of this in vitro study showed that flow rates through thin-wall catheters were greater than those found with the conventional-wall catheters.
Print version: 1991;59(5):453-456.
Keywords: Conventional-walled intravenous catheters, flow rates, intravenous catheters, thin-walled intravenous catheters.
Education News  
By Wynne R. Waugaman, CRNA, PhD
Why publish?
Print version: 1991;59(5):457-458.
Keywords: Clinical reports, nurse anesthesia journals, publishing, research, review of literature.
Current and future perspectives: Regarding the U.S. Army/Texas Wesleyan University program in anesthesia nursing  
By Frederick L. Masters, CRNA, BSN; Mark V. Skidmore, CRNA, BSN; and Barry L. Thibodeaux, CRNA, BSN, BSNA
Print version: 1991;59(5):480-481.
Issues in financing nurse anesthesia education: Institutional cost/cost benefits  
By Lois J. Merrill, RN, PhD
Print version: 1991;59(5):482-484.
Nurse anesthesia education within the framework of nursing education  
By Mary V. DePaolis-Lutzo, CRNA, PhD
Print version: 1991;59(5):492-496.
A freestanding academic program within a regionalized program framework  
By Sister Maria Fest, PhD
Print version: 1991;59(5):496-498.
Freestanding university program
By Arlene S. Loeffler, CRNA, MEd
Print version: 1991;59(5):498-499.
General and Subscription Information 
Print version: 1991;59(5):392.
Index to Advertisers
Print version: 1991;59(5):500.

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