October 1986, AANA Journal

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The addicted professional - After recovery
Print version: 1986;54(5):367-368.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
A surgeon's liability for the anesthesia administration: The law according to Dr. Modell
Print version: 1986;54(5):385-386.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
CRNA reimbursement legislation continues to move
Print version: 1986;54(5):387-391.
By Una OLeary, CRNA, MS
Print version: 1986;54(5):393.
By Leah Evans Katz, CRNA, EdD, JD
Part IV of this 1986-87 Journal Course focuses on those aspects of law which are
particularly relevant to the nurse anesthetist. The areas of negligence, vicarious liability, contract and antitrust law are addressed to help the practitioners prevent and understand legal challenges concerning patient care and employment.
Print version: 1986;54(5):394-399.
Print version: 1986;54(5):362.
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Print version: 1986;54(5):448.
Anesthetic Implications of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS): Part I
By Deborah I. Scullon, CRNA, BSN
Nurse anesthetists are a vital link in the promotion of health care safety because of their potential occupational exposure to the virus that causes AIDS. Part I of this article explores the characteristics of the disease, population trends, and ongoing research.
Print version: 1986;54(5):400-410.
Obesity: A review Part I
By Randall Klotz, CRNA, CPT, USAF, NC
The anesthetic management of the obese patient presents a formidable challenge; in Part I of this article, the author discusses the pathophysiology of obesity.
Print version: 1986;54(5):411-415.
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, MS
Bill Landess, CRNA, BS
The authors test the hypothesis that there would not be demonstratable preference for the inhalant halothane over the modern ether-based agents.
Print version: 1986;54(5):433-435.
By Wynne R. Waugaman, CRNA, PhD
Joseph J. Kryc, MD
Madeleine J. Andrews, MD
This report describes the anesthetic management of an achondroplastic dwarf who underwent cesarean section and tubal ligation with epidural anesthesia utilizing bupivacaine hydrochloride.
Print version: 1986;54(5):436-437.
By Ruth E. Long, CRNA
John-Henry Pfifferling, PhD
In this second part of a two-part article, skills and behaviors that tend to promote healthful life styles among nurse anesthetists are discussed.
Print version: 1986;54(5):438-441.
Volume 54 , Number 5
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