October 1985, AANA Journal

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Total parenteral nutrition and anesthesia: What are the anesthetist's responsibilities?
By Julianne Henry Shea, CRNA, BSN
As increasing numbers of patients who are undergoing TPN therapy present for surgery, it is important for the anesthetist to be aware of the effects of this treatment and plan accordingly.
Print version: 1985;53(5):417-421
The rebirth of local anesthesia for carotid artery surgery
By Deborah Day-Carritone, CRNA, MS
The use of local anesthesia for carotid artery surgery is once again gaining in popularity; the author describes the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.
Print version: 1985;53(5):422-426.
By Beth Rice, CRNA, BSN
Rebecca Ferguson, MSII
A. H. Giesecke, Jr., MD
The anesthetic efficacy, cardiovascular stability, onset and duration of action, and side effects associated with alfentanil as an anesthetic adjunct are evaluated in 52 patients undergoing elective post-partum tubal ligation.
Print version: 1985;53(5):427-430.
By Jack Kohl, RN, BS
The author reviews the kidneys anatomy and physiology as well as techniques for general and regional anesthesia.
Print version: 1985;53(5):431-434.
By Terrence G. Evon, CRNA, MS
In a study of 14 CRNAs, the author evaluates the physiological responses to stress that they experienced while performing inductions of general anesthesia.
Print version: 1985;53(5):435-438.
By Glen C. Ramsborg, CRNA, MA
Richard L. Holloway, PhD
Knowledge of student learning styles can assist the clinical instructor in facilitating a more effective learning experience; this study reports on the learning styles of clinical instructors and student nurse anesthetists at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia.
Print version: 1985;53(5):439-444.
Guest Editorial
By James F. Drane, PhD
Technology and the situation of nurse anesthetists.
Print version: 1985;53(5):387,391-392,394-395.
By Wynne R. Waugaman, CRNA, PhD
Hershal W. Bradshaw, CRNA, MEd
In this, the fourth part of the 1985-86 Journal course on monitoring, the authors address select pieces of hardware-the components of basic anesthesia machines, ventilators, and data collection systems-that help the clinician observe changes and implement appropriate actions.
Print version: 1985;53(5):445-457.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
The irrelevant issue of the surgeons liability.
Print version: 1985;53(5):459-460.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
The 1985 Deficit Reduction Act.
Print version: 1985;53(5):461-463.
General and subscription Information
Print version: 1985;53(5):386.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1985;53(5):464.


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