October 1984, AANA Journal

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Anesthesia for the anephric patient undergoing major urological surgery
By Lynn Ralph, CRNA, BS
The author points out the general problems with anephric patients and highlights some of the specific anesthetic problems and surgical procedures associated with such patients.
Print version: 1984;52(5):502-507.
A review of epidural anesthesia for the laboring parturient
By Roger Gallagher, CRNA, BS, LCDR, USNNC
An in-depth review of epidural anesthesia considerations for the patient in labor is presented.
Print version: 1984;52(5):508-515.
By Ruth E. Long, CRNA
Mark Philbrick, RN, MSN, FNP
Christine S. Herr, RN, CNOR
This article offers a framework of communication to bridge specialty staffs, thus reducing fragmentation of patient care.
Print version: 1984;52(5):516-519.
Education Feature: A survey of nurse anesthesia educational programs--A look at the trend toward graduate education
By Catherine E. Merz, CRNA
The author looks at the trend toward graduate education and the influences behind the change based on a national survey of anesthesia educational programs.
Print version: 1984;52(5):520-529.
Anesthesia considerations for the patient with septic shock
By Brenda Brancheau, RN
This article focuses on the considerations necessary for the patient with septic shock who is undergoing anesthesia.
Print version: 1984;52(5):549-552.
AANA Journal Course: The anesthetic management of the patient--A case approach. Part IV-Nosocomial infections in anesthesia practice.
By Patrick J. Baker, CRNA, MEd
Nosocomial infections are increasingly prevalent in anesthesia practice today; they threaten both the patient and the anesthetist alike. The author presents three case studies which explore infections that pose serious morbidity and mortality risks.
Print version: 1984;52(5):553-561.
Letters to the editor
A simple pre-anesthesia evaluation form; Council on Accreditation notice.
Print version: 1984;52(5):484,501.
Washington scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
The implementation of the Nurse Anesthetist "Pass-Through" Amendment.
Print version: 1984;52(5):530-532.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Legal requirements of physician supervision.
Print version: 1984;52(5):562-563.
Print version: 1984;52(5):478.
Print version: 1984;52(5):564.


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