October 1981, AANA Journal

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By Charles A. Reese, CRNA, PhD
In this second of a two-part series, the author reviews the various local anesthetic agents available and the principles of pharmacokinetics as they pertain to intravenously injected local anesthetic agents.
Print version: 1981;49(5):485-497.
By Joyce P. Holder, CRNA, BS
A comprehensive approach to the administration of anesthesia for renal transplants is provided, with special emphasis given to the patient's altered responses to drugs.
Print version: 1981;49(6):498-502.
A case report: Maxillary deformity with intra-oral teratoma-Anesthetic
By Resa Whitlock, CRNA, BA
Alfonso Yonfa, MD
William L. Buntain, MD
A detailed, illustrated report describing how effective communication and planning made a child's life-threatening problems much easier to manage.
Print version: 1981;49(6):503-506.
By Robert P. Dodd, RN
Surgical intervention (in the form of a peritoneovenous LeVeen shunt) for the treatment of ascites is examined along with the necessary anesthetic considerations.
Print version: 1981;49(6):507-510.
By Patricia C. Priestley, RN, BSN
A comprehensive look at autacoid serotonin, its diverse effects on the body, and those factors which pertain to the administration of anesthesia.
Print version: 1981;49(6):511-515.
Readers give AANA Journal high marks
Print version: 1981;49(6):460.
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
Competition in the health care marketplace.
Print version: 1981;49(6):526-528.
By Julie N. Manson, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
Statutory rights governing employment relationships in the health care field.
Print version: 1981;49(6):529-531.
By Esther L. Reece, CRNA, MS
The fourth of the AANA Journal's 6-part course. Here, the author reviews the significance, value, and limitations of various tests regarding kidney function; discusses the conditions and diseases associated with renal dysfunction; and focuses on the anesthetic care of patients with compromised renal function.
Print version: 1981;49(6):516-521.
Print version: 1981;49(6):454.
Print version: 1981;49(6):532.


Volume 49 , Number 5
ISSN 0094-6354
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