June 1991, AANA Journal

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Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Print version: 1991;59(3):194-196.
Keywords: Bonner, negligence per se, supervision.
Atherosclerotic degeneration removes the possibility of performing coronary bypass grafting on the postcardiac transplant patient.
Print version: 1991;59(3):197.
Washington Scene
By Kathleen A. Michels, RN, JD
Physician Payment Review Commission — Structure and mission
Print version: 1991;59(3):198-200.
Keywords: CRNA fee schedule, Medicaid, Medicare, Physician Payment Review Commission.
Education News
By Lois Frels, RN, PhD
Betty Horton, CRNA, MA
Faculty positions as a career choice for professionals — Part I
Print version: 1991;59(3):202-208.
Keywords: Career choice, CRNA educators, faculty positions, sociodemographic data.
Two methods of single-dose ampule opening and their influence upon glass particulate contamination
By Albert John Giambrone, CRNA, MS
This research paper examines the occurrence of glass particulate contamination following ampule opening by comparing the hand-opening method with the use of a commercially available ampule opener.
Print version: 1991;59(3):225-228.
Keywords: Ampules, glass ampules, glass particulate contamination, filter
Electrocardiographic changes and intracranial pathology 
By Geraldine Syverud, CRNA, BSN
In this case study, the author recommends that the neurological patient with an abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG), or new changes noted on the ECG, warrants further cardiac work-up to determine the cause and significance of such findings; however, the neurological patient with subarachnoid hemorrhage who has such an ECG should not have surgery delayed.
Print version: 1991;59(3):229-232.
Keywords: Electrocardiogram, myocardial ischemia, subarachnoid hemorrhage, torsade de pointe.
AANA Journal Course: New technologies in anesthesia: Update for nurse anesthetists—Monitoring ventilation and compliance with Side Stream Spirometry™
By Linda M. Huffman, CRNA, BA
A new anesthesia technology, Side Stream Spirometry, allows clinicians to monitor pressure, volume, flow, compliance, and resistance during routine anesthesia practice. In this fourteenth chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course – New Technologies in Anesthesia – the author discusses the technology of Side Stream Spirometry and its application to monitoring pulmonary ventilation.
Print version: 1991;59(3):249-259.
Keywords: Compliance, Pitot tube, respiratory monitoring, Side Stream Spirometry, tidal volume compensation.
Clinical Exchange  
By CPT Terry C. Wicks, CRNA, MHS, USA, AN
MAJ Patricia Collins, MD, USA, MC
Excision of an arteriovenous malformation
Print version: 1991;59(3):260-262.
Keywords: Arteriovenous malformation, craniotomy, neuroanesthesia.
The cardiopulmonary and metabolic effects of hypoxia during acute adrenocortical suppression by etomidate in the dog
By Lesa J. Hirschman, CRNA, MS
Cortisol is secreted as part of the stress response and has been shown to be potentially beneficial to protect against acute stress. Etomidate specifically suppresses endogenous cortisol production. In this research paper, it was reported that acute suppression of cortisol secretion by etomidate did not adversely alter the responses to hypoxia under enflurane in dogs.
Print version: 1991;59(3):281-287.
Keywords: Adrenocortical suppression, cortisol, enflurane, etomidate, hypoxia.
Monographs from the Report of the National Commission on Nurse Anesthesia Education Study of nurse anesthesia manpower needs
By Margo L. Rosenbach, PhD
Jerry Cromwell, PhD
Gregory C. Pope, MS
Barbara Butrica, BA
Jane Pitcher, BS
Print version: 1991;59(3):233-240.
The past, present and future of accreditation  
By Michael J. Booth, CRNA, MA
Print version: 1991;59(3):289-293. 
General and Subscription Information
Print version: 1991;59(3):197.
AANA Annual Meeting Quickview 
Print version: 1991;59(3):201.
Index to Advertisers
Print version: 1991;59(3):296.

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