June 1987, AANA Journal

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54th AANA Annual Meeting highlights In brief
Print version: 1987;55(3):191.
Letters to the Editor
An equation for determining the ratio of oxygen to air mixture; midazolam for conscious sedation in geriatric patients; sickling of erythrocytes in patients.
Print version: 1987;55(3):192-193.
Guest Editorial
By Francis Gerbasi, CRNA, MS
Charles Griffis, CRNA, MS
Thomas Samph, PhD
Doris Stoll, CRNA, MS
The impact of present testing on the certification process of nurse anesthetists.
Print version: 1987;55(3):198-201.
Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
The impact of professional liability insurance on nurse anesthesia practice.
Print version: 1987;55(3):203-204.
Reducing the complications of routine nasotracheal Intubations
By Franklin T. R. Rector, CRNA, MS, CCRN
David J. DeNuccio, PhD
Meigs A. Alden, CRNA, MEd
The authors provide a comprehensive overview of the factors related to the complications of routine nasotracheal intubations.
Print version: 1987;55(3):221-232.
A qualitative analysis of anesthesia circuit filters: Resistance and penetrance characteristics
By Mary Ellen Kelly, CRNA, BSN
Chuck Biddle, CRNA, CCRN, MS
This study examines the efficacy of various devices in resisting absorbent dust penetrance over various flow rates and determines airflow resistances.
Print version: 1987;55(3):233-236.
The anesthetic considerations for the patient undergoing total laryngectomy
By Cathy Mastropietro, CRNA, MEd
The author provides both a literature review and case study illustrating the anesthetic considerations for the patient undergoing total laryngectomy.
Print version: 1987;55(3):237-244.
Comparison of three anesthetic techniques on emetic symptoms using sufentanil for outpatient surgery
By Jacquie Martin, CRNA, MS
Dorothy Williams, CRNA
F. Robert Weis, Jr., MD
The authors cite the advantages and disadvantages of three anesthetic techniques on emetic symptoms using fentanil for outpatient surgery.
Print version: 1987;55(3):245-249.
AANA Journal Course: Advanced scientific concepts: Update for nurse anesthetists - Part II-The renal system: Physiology, pathophysiology and anesthesia management
By Sandra M. Maree, CRNA, MEd
In this the second of an update Journal Course, the author reviews clinically pertinent aspects of the anatomy and physiology of the kidney. The pathophysiology of the kidney that is relevant to general anesthetic practice is discussed. Emphasis is placed on preoperative renal assessment and the anesthetic management of patients with advanced renal disease.
Print version: 1987;55(3):269-283.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Outpatient surgery and anesthesia reimbursement under Medicare.
Print version: 1987;55(3):250-252.
General and subscription Information
Print version: 1987;55(3):190.
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Print version: 1987;55(3):300.
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