June 1986, AANA Journal

Table of Contents

Vision considerations for the anesthesia machine operator
By Jim Kendall, MFA
A discussion of visual human factors principles in monitoring and in their application to the anesthetist.
Print version: 1986;54(3):225-228.
Laryngoscopy and intubation of infants and children
By David V. Shaver, Jr., CRNA, BSN
The techniques of oral and nasal intubation, as well as their advantages and disadvantages are highlighted.
Print version: 1986;54(3):229-239.
Pseudocholinesterase deficiency and organophosphorous insecticide use
By Richard S. Purdham, CRNA, LCDR, USN, NC
Diane S. Gutierrez, CRNA, LCDR, USN, NC
A look at pseudocholinesterase deficiency and a unique contributor to it- organophosphorous insecticide.
Print version: 1986;54(3):240-244.
By James Spires, CRNA, BSN
A concise review of platelets and platelet therapy.
Print version: 1986;54(3):245-248.
By James Riopelle MD
The ethics of animal use in anesthesia research
Print version: 1986;54(3):193-197.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1986;54(3):186.
Print version: 1986;54(3):280.
Letters to the editor
More unique applications for nalbuphine; on oxygen monitoring
Print version: 1986;54(3):217-218.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Medicare payment reform
Print version: 1986;54(3):219-221.
By Betsy L. Wolf, JD
The duty to independently assess proper nursing functions
Print version: 1986;54(3):222-224.
AANA Journal Course: Quality assurance - Part II: A unit-based plan
By Mary-Ellen Jacobs, CRNA, MA
James D. Vail, CRNA, DNSc
Part II of this 1986-87 Journal Course provides a review of the current JCAH quality assurance guidelines and suggests a systematic approach to developing and implementing a unit- based QA program. The authors discuss various QA methodologies, including peer review.
Print version: 1986;54(3):265-271.
By Bette M. Wildgust, CRNA, MS
The author identifies potential stressors, manifestations of stress, and the need to recognize and help the student cope with stress in a positive manner.
Print version: 1986;54(3):272-278.



Volume 54 , Number 3
ISSN 0094-6354
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