June 1985, AANA Journal

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The phenomenon of hypertension-Part II: Anesthetic considerations for the hypertensive patient
By Lynn Ralph, CRNA, BS
In this second of a two-part article, the author describes the anesthetic implications that the hypertensive patient brings to the operating room; the particular anesthetic techniques and approaches for this type of patient are detailed.
Print version: 1985;53(3):225-228.
Anesthetic considerations for pheochromocytoma
By Maj. Michael P. Troop, CRNA, MS, ANC
This article reviews the pathophysiology of pheochromocytoma and discusses the drugs, anesthetic agents, and techniques which affect this pathology.
Print version: 1985;53(3):229-237.
Hepatitis B vaccine-A hospital experience
By Susan J. Coyne, CRNA, MEd
Carole C. Piatt, RN, BSN
The authors' timely experience and increased data lend questions to the presently used protocol with hepatitis B vaccine, suggesting that a more predictable protocol along with post-screening be used to assure effective immunity to hepatitis B.
Print version: 1985;53(3):238-242.
The role of the nurse anesthetist during a cadaver kidney harvest
By Kent G. Scott, CRNA, BA
The anesthetist's role in the management of hypotension and prevention of renal ischemia for the successful harvesting of viable kidneys is discussed; criteria for the establishment of brain death are also delineated.
Print version: 1985;53(3):243-246.
Fiberoptic intubation for the obese patient
By Neil Roeper, RN
The author discusses the benefits of using the technique of fiberoptic intubation for obese patients.
Print version: 1985;53(3):247-248.
AANA Journal Course: Clinical monitoring in anesthesia-Part II: Applied technology in monitoring temperature
By Frank T. Maziarski, CRNA, MS
In this, the second part of the 1985-86 Journal course on monitoring, the author reviews the physiology of human temperature regulation, the instruments available for measuring temperature, and the dynamic variations responsible for patient temperature changes in the operating room.
Print version: 1985;53(3):273-285.
Letters to the editor
Epidural anesthesia techniques for obstetrics; the daily check of apparatus.
Print version: 1985;53(3):208,286-287.
Legal Briefs
By Robert F. Sylvia, JD
Malpractice: The gathering storm
Print version: 1985;53(3):249-251.
Washington scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Implementation of the pass through provision
Print version: 1985;53(3):252-255.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1985;53(3):202.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1985;53(3):288.
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