February 2005 AANA Journal

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Legal Briefs
Nurse anesthetists and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Print version: 2005;73:9-13.
Key words: Americans with Disabilities Act, disabilities, Motion to Dismiss.
Print version
: 2005;73:17-18.
Just following orders
Dan Simonson, CRNA, BSN
Diagnosis and treatment of negative pressure pulmonary edema in a pediatric patient
Allan J. Schwartz, CRNA, DDS
Susan Davidson, RN, EdD
Cherry Guinn, RN, EdD
Daniel Gacharna, CRNA, MSN
The use of the laryngeal mask airway with mechanical positive pressure ventilation
Penelope Villars, CRNA, MSN
Edith Koczka, CRNA
Cindy Haynie, CRNA
Guest Editorial
The Self-Evaluation Examination: Past, present and future

Kathleen Fagerlund, CRNA, PhD
Franklin McShane, CRNA, MSN

Print version: 2005;73:21-23.
Key words: Computer adaptive testing, examination blueprint, Self-Evaluation Examination.
Education News
Impact of the clinical doctorate from an allied health perspective

Dolores G. Clement, DrPH
Print version: 2005;73:24-28.
Key words: Allied health, clinical doctorate, curriculum change, practice doctorate.


The use of a computer website prior to scheduled surgery (a pilot study): Impact on patient information, acquisition, anxiety level, and overall satisfaction with anesthesia care
Keith Hering, CRNA, MS
Jeffery Harvan, CRNA, MS
Matthew D'Angelo, CRNA, MS
Donna Jasinski, CRNA, DNSc

The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of a website on preoperative patient education, patient anxiety, and patient satisfaction with anesthesia care.
Print version: 2005;73:29-33.
Key words: Patient education, preoperative anesthesia information, website.
Sevoflurane administration in status asthmaticus: A case report
Thomas E. Schultz, CRNA, MS
The author of this case report describes the use of sevoflurane in a patient who presented to a rural critical access hospital emergency department in status asthmaticus and subsequently failed conventional therapy.
Print version: 2005;73:35-36.
Key words: Inhalation anesthetics, sevoflurane, status asthmaticus.
Novel pharmacological approaches for the antagonism of neuromuscular blockade
Lisa C. Pic, CRNA, MSN
In this review article, the author states that gamma cyclodextrin and purified plasma cholinesterase are 2 novel pharmacological agents being investigated as to their suitability for antagonism of neuromuscular blockade, and she discusses the 2 agents in detail.
Print version: 2005;73:37-40.
Key words: Gamma cyclodextrin, mivacurium, Org 25969, plasma cholinesterase, rocuronium.
Alkaptonuric ochronosis: A case report
E. J. Collins, CRNA, MSN
Rick Hand, CRNA, DNSc

This case report describes a patient with alkaptonuric ochronosis who sustained a stress fracture of the left femoral neck. An overview of alkaptonuric ochronosis is presented, and anesthetic implications are included.
Print version: 2005;73:41-46.
Key words: Alkaptonuria, homogentisic acid, ochronosis.
Effects of hypothermia and shivering on standard PACU monitoring of patients
Panagiotis Kiekkas, RN, MSc
Maria Poulopoulou, RN
Argiri Paphahatzi, RN
Panagiotis Souleles, RN

The authors of this research article report that standard postanesthesia care unit monitoring parameters are affected partially by hypothermia and shivering. A low incidence of shivering in normothermic patients and a high incidence of shivering in younger patients are discussed.
Print version: 2005;73:47-53.
Key words: Core temperature, hypothermia, orthopedic patients, shivering, standard PACU monitoring.
Anesthetic management of a patient with a mediastinal foregut duplication cyst: A case report
Aaron R. Gopp, CRNA, MSN
In this case report, the author details the occurrence of mediastinal foregut cyst and the evaulation, anatomic, physiologic, and anesthetic management concerns for an adult patient with such a cyst.
Print version: 2005;73:55-61.
Key words: Mediastinal foregut duplication cyst.

AANA Journal Course, Part 6
Update for nurse anesthetists --
The long-term use of opiates for pain control: Laputa revisited?
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD
This course provides an evidence-based approach to selecting and using opiates in the management of chronic, non-cancer-related pain, and it critiques the appropriateness of the associated interventions.
Print version: 2005;73:62-69.
Key words: Analgesia, chronic pain, noncancer pain, opiates, opioid analgesia.
February 2005 AANA Journal
Volume 73 , Number 1
ISSN 0094-6354
On the Cover:
Brian Buchanan, CRNA, MS, demonstrates a steady hand and great skill when it comes to starting an arterial line. Kristen Bowden, RN, MS, took the photograph last year when Buchanan and Bowden were student nurse anesthetists at Rush University College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program, Chicago, Ill.