February 2003 AANA Journal

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Expansion of nurse anesthesia educational programs: Where are the barriers?

Michael A. Fiedler, CRNA, PhD
Print version: 2003;71:9.

Education News
Vulnerable time periods for attrition during nurse anesthesia education

Wynne R. Waugaman, CRNA, PhD, FAAN
Gabriel L. Aron, CRNA, MSN

Print version: 2003;71:11-14.
Key words: Attrition, nurse anesthesia, professional education, professional socialization.

Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs to be Reviewed During Fiscal Year 2004
Print version: 2003;71:65.


Acute congestive heart failure after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A case report
David Giaquinto, CRNA, MSN
Katherine Swigar, RN
Mark D. Johnson, MD

Print version: 2003;71:17-22.
Key words: Cholecystectomy, congestive heart failure, laparoscopic surgery, pulmonary edema.

A comparison of tubocurarine, rocuronium, and cisatracurium in the prevention and reduction of succinylcholine-induced muscle fasciculations
CPT Cybil A. True, CRNA, MSN, USA, AN
CPT Pamela J. Carter, CRNA, MSN, USA, AN

Print version: 2003;71:23-28
Key words: Cisatracurium, defasciculation, fasciculations, rocuronium, tubocurarine.

A teaching tool in spinal anesthesia
Jaylin Allen, CRNA, MNA
Kristin Meincke, CRNA, MNA
Marita Ramirez, CRNA, MNA
Richard Watts, CRNA, MNA
Mary Shirk Marienau, CRNA, MS

Print version: 2003;71:29-36.
Key words: Haptic sense, simulator, spinal anesthesia, teaching tool, virtual reality.

Anesthetic implications of necrotizing fasciitis
William O. Howie, CRNA, MS
Print version: 2003;71:37-40.
Key words: Anesthesia, group A streptococcal disease, necrotizing fasciitis.

Hand ischemia associated with profound hypotension and radial artery catheterization in a pediatric patient: A case report
LCDR Lorraine A. English, CRNA, MS, NC, USN
LCDR John P. Maye, CRNA, PhD, NC, USN
Maureen T. Dalton-Link, CRNA, MS

Print version: 2003;71:41-43.
Key words: Arterial line, collaterial circulation, direct blood pressure monitoring.

The frequency of respiratory failure in patients with morbid obesity undergoing gastric bypass
Eleanor L. Blouw, CRNA, MNA
Anne D. Rudolph, CRNA, MNA
Bradley J. Narr, MD
Michael G. Sarr, MD

Print version: 2003;71:45-54.
Key words: Gastric bypass, obesity, respiratory failure.

An evaluation of the histological effects of intra-articular methadone in the canine model
LCDR Timothy A. Jones, CRNA, MS, NC, USN
Walter R. Hand, Jr, CRNA, DNSc
LT Michael D. Ports, CRNA, MS, NC, USNR
CAPT Daniel V. Unger, MD, MC, USN
LCDR Daniel Herbert, MD, MC, USN
CDR Joseph E. Pellegrini, CRNA, DNSc, NC, USN

Print version: 2003;71:51-54.
Key words: Euthanasia, histopathological, intra-articular, methadone hydrocholoride, necropsy.

AANA Journal Course 6
Update for nurse anesthetists
Cancer: New therapies and new approaches to recurring problems

Kenneth M. Kirsner, CRNA, MS, JD
Print version: 2003;71:55-62.
Key words: Cancer, chemotherapy, isosulfan blue, vertebrectomy.

February 2003 AANA Journal
Volume 71 , Number 1
ISSN 0094-6354
On the Cover:
Three senior nurse anesthesia students and their instructor deliberate on the care and induction of a critically ill patient using extensive hemodynamic monitoring in the Simulation Laboratory at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Mich. On the far left is Craig K. Huard, CRNA, MSN, education coordinator, Simulation Technologies, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Mich. Oakland University Beaumont Graduate Program of Nurse Anesthesia students (from left to right) are: Rachel Facciola, RN, BSN; Randy Wright, RN, BSN; and Dennis Poterek, RN, BSN.