February 1990, AANA Journal


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By Lorraine Jordan, CRNA, MS
Explore professional opportunities as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Print version: 1990;58(1):2-4.
Guest Editorial
By Karen L. Zaglaniczny, CRNA, MS
Development of the current certification examination
Print version: 1990;58(1):5-7.
By Capt. Randall W. Klotz, CRNA, MEd, USAF, NC
Nurse anesthetists are among the many health care professionals considered to be at high risk for acquiring this herpes infection from their patients.
Print version: 1990;58(1):8-13.
Naloxone hydrochloride: A review
By Paula M. Goodrich, MS
The use of naloxone in patients who have received large doses of narcotic analgesics during the course of an operative procedure requires specific considerations which are explored here.
Print version: 1990;58(1):14-16.
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, MS
T.R.F. Oaster, PhD
This review provides anesthetists with an understanding of the scientific foundations of normal sleep to enhance their knowledge of pharmacologically induced sleep.
Print version: 1990;58(1):36-44.
In this original research article, the author concludes that vital capacity breathing is as effective as 3 minutes of tidal breathing in elevating the PaO2 in patients with significant coronary artery disease prior to a rapid sequence induction.
Print version: 1990;58(1):45-48.
AANA Journal Course: New technologies in anesthesia: Update for nurse
anesthetists–The computer-generated anesthesia record
By M.A. Fiedler, CRNA, MS
In this the sixth chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author looks at the computerized anesthesia record keepers, their history, development and current technology. Advantages and disadvantages of computerized record keepers from both clinical and legal standpoints will be explored.
Print version: 1990;58(1):49-56.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Hospital privileges
Print version: 1990;58(1):66-68.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
The president's health policies for 1990
Print version: 1990;58(1):70-71.
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Print version: 1990;58(1):4.
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Print version: 1990;58(1):72.
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