February 1989, AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial
By E. Jane McCarthy, CRNA, PhD
James Vail, CRNA, DNSc
A professional opportunity: Writing for the AANA Journal
Print version: 1989;57(1):3-4.
Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Surgeon's responsibility for CRNAs
Print version: 1989;57(1):6-8.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Fee schedule begins, subject to retroactive change.
Print version: 1989;57(1):9-12.
Update on beta blockers
By Joe R. Williams, CRNA, MS
The author reviews the pharmacological properties and clinical uses of beta blockers, along with their anesthesia implications.
Print version: 1989;57(1):29-36.
A comparison study of vercuronium bromide and atracurium besylate for rapid sequence induction
By Kathy L. Davison, CRNA, MS
1st Lt. Mark S. Holland, CRNA, MHS, USAF, NC
This is an original research study comparing these two short-acting non-depolarizing muscle relaxants.
Print version: 1989;57(1):37-40.
Oral airway insertion tolerance: A study comparing thiopental and propofol
By Priscilla Szneke, CRNA, BSN
This is a comparative study of propofol induction and thiopental induction in 152 patients, both smokers and nonsmokers.
Print version: 1989;57(1):41-44.
Clinical implications of intraoperative continuous mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring
By Ellen Bochenek Naruns, CRNA, MS
Twenty-nine patients undergoing aortic reconstructive surgery were studied to determine whether a sustained 5% or greater change in mixed venous oxygen saturation results in a similar change in cardiac output.
Print version: 1989;57(1):45-52.
Laryngospasm-induced pulmonary edema
By Lt. Christopher C. Ferguson, CRNA, BSN, BSNA, USN, NC
Lt. Carol Mann, CRNA, BSN, BSNA, USN, NC
Two cases are presented that are quite typical of the development of this complication.
Print version: 1989;57(1):53-55.
More about the intra-aortic balloon pump
Print version: 1989;57(1):56.
Use of a student support group to reduce student stress in a nurse anesthesia program
By Jack R. Kless, CRNA, MA
The author looks at anesthesia school stress, its impact on
students, and how positive intervention can facilitate student learning.
Print version: 1989;57(1):75-77.
AANA Journal Course: Advanced scientific concepts: Update for nurse anesthetists - Part XII - Anesthesia for patients on anticholinesterase and antiepileptic drugs
By Elanda Wiseman, CRNA, MA
Evan Koch, CRNA, MSN
In this the final chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course,
the authors explore the challenges that patients with neurologic diseases present to the anesthetist as are related to pharmacotherapy.
Print version: 1989;57(1):78-87.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1989;57(1):2.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1989;57(1):88.
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ISSN 0094-6354
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