February 1982, AANA Journal

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The physiology and pathophysiology of the myoneural junction
By Martin D. Sokoll, MD
Samir D. Gergis, MD
A review of the normal anatomy and physiology of neuromuscular transmission is presented, as well as the pathophysiology of some disease states and the anesthetic management of these conditions.
Print version: 1982;50(1):33-41.
Immunohematology and transfusion reaction
By Mary Jocius, CRNA
A discussion of the immune system and immunohematology, including the signs and symptoms of transfusion reaction.
Print version: 1982;50(1):42-48.
Fluid and electrolyte management of the adult surgical patient
By Joseph T. Rando, CRNA, MN
Maintaining the patient's physiology during anesthesia, including fluid, electrolyte and caloric needs, is the focus of this comprehensive article.
Print version: 1982;50(1):49-54.
A consideration of prolonged succinylcholine paralysis with Innovar®: Is the cause droperidol or fentanyl?
By Robert A. Lewis, CRNA, AB
The author discusses droperidol, a component of Innovar®, as the possible cause of prolonged succinylcholine paralysis. The pharmacology of succinylcholine, fentanyl and droperidol and possible mechanisms of interaction are presented.
Print version: 1982;50(1):55-59.
Education feature: Student selection and preference types
By Nancy J. Gaskey, CRNA, MEd
Individual preference type indicators and their significance to selecting candidates for anesthesia programs are explored.
Print version: 1982;50(1):60-63.
A Case Study: Management of the patient with laryngeal tumor and airway compromise
By Robert J. Wehner, CRNA, LTC, ANC
Robert J. McKennett, CRNA, CAPT, ANC
Print version: 1982;50(1):81-83.
The AANA Journal completes its first course offering continuing education credit with this issue
Print version: 1982;50(1):5.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
What lies ahead in 1982?
Print version: 1982;50(1):84-86.
Legal Briefs
By Julie N. Manson, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
Professional liability insurance-A common requirement.
Print version: 1982;50(1):87-88.
AANA Journal Course: Preoperative evaluation and physical assessment of the patient. Part 6-The Nervous System
By Helen P. Vos, BSN, CRNA-ret.
Linda C. Larson, CRNA, MA
The sixth and final installment of the AANA Journal's first 6-part course. The authors review the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system and identify specific areas which may be readily assessed such as cerebral function, the cranial nerves, coma, epilepsy and spinal cord injury.
Print version: 1982;50(1):90-100.
AANA Journal Course Examination
Print version: 1982;50(1):101-107.
News and Views
Print version: 1982;50(1):86.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1982;50(1):86.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1982;50(1):2.
Index to Advertisers
Print version: 1982;50(1):108.


Volume 50 , Number 1
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