February 1980, AANA Journal

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Core issues of unionization: Your ten most frequently asked questions answered
By Jeffrey A. Brown, AMD, ID, MPH
An explanation of unionization and labor relations for health care professionals.
Print version: 1980;48(1):26-30.
Pulmonary physiology and the anesthetist- Part 1
By Glenn W. Geelhoed, MID, FACS
The first of a three part series on pulmonary physiology addresses the function of the alveolar-capillary membrane and mechanical ventilation.
Print version: 1980;48(1):31-36.
Obstetrical assessment
By Joyce Roberts, RN, CNM, PhD
A review of the pre-anesthetic assessment of obstetrical patients, and physiological alterations that influence the administration of anesthesia.
Print version: 1980;48(1):37-47.
Epidural blood patch for post-lumbar puncture headache
By Gilbert E. Kinyon, MI
A guide for using the epidural blood patch when administering conduction anesthesia, specifically subarchnoid and epidural blocks.
Print version: 1980;48(1):48-49.
The need for teaching competencies in clinical instructors
By Mary DePaolis, CRNA, MEd
On functioning well as both a clinical practitioner and instructor.
Print version: 1980;48(1):50-52.
There have been some changes made...
Print version: 1980;48(1):13.
News & Views
Print version: 1980;48(1):17.
Letters to the Editor
Print version: 1980;48(1):24-25.
New Techniques: A comparison of surface and core temperature devices
By Nancy Hughes Roberts, CRNA, BS
A study of the newly developed liquid crystal skin strip thermometer in monitoring core temperature in anesthetized patients.
Print version: 1980;48(1):53-55.
Legal Briefs
By William R. Kucera
AANA Legal Counsel
Protocol: More than mere form-Legal recognition of the nurse anesthesia specialty.
Print version: 1980;48(1):56-58.
Insurance Briefs
By Janessa L. A lthouse, BSN, MA
AANA loss control consultant
RX: Loss control-An analysis of anesthesia incidents.
Print version: 1980;48(1):59-60.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
More about the Nurse Training Act.
Print version: 1980;48(1):74-76.
Print version: 1980;48(1):65,71.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1980;48(1):72.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1980;48(1):4.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1980;48(1):84.
Volume 48 , Number 1
ISSN 0094-6354
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