December 1994 AANA Journal

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Book Reviews
Understanding Anesthesia Equipment: Construction, Care and Complications
Reviewed by: Michael P. Dosch, CRNA, MS
Print version: 1994;62(6):476-478.

Washington Scene
By Kathleen A. Michels, RN, JD, FAAN
Healthcare reform bill
Print version: 1994;62(6):479-480.
Keywords: Healthcare reform, Senate mainstream coalition, Senator John Breaux, Senator John Chafee.

Management Briefs
By Cynthia A. Holland, CRNA
Sandra K. Tunajek, CRNA, BA
JCAHO accreditation
Print version: 1994;62(6):481-483.
Keywords: Dimensions of performance, hospital accreditation, JCAHO accreditation, performance improvement.

Education News
By Joyce W. Kelly, CRNA, EdD
An International Study of Educational Programs for Nurses Providing Anesthesia Care
Print version: 1994;62(6):484-495.
Keywords: International anesthesia care, nurses' educational process.

Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Statute of limitations
Print version: 1994;62(6):505-507.
Keywords: Evidence, fear of litigation, statute of limitations.

AANA Foundation Poster Session abstracts presented at the 1994 AANA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC
Print version: 1994;62(6):508-520.

The Tec 6 vaporizer: Why desflurane needs to be heated
By Diane Miller, RN, MHS
This review article discusses the Ohmeda Tec 6 vaporizer, which was designed as an agent-specific, temperature-constant, electronically pressure-constant, out-of-circuit vaporizer for desflurane, whose internal and external design varies markedly from those of conventional vaporizers.
Print version: 1994;62(6):527-531.
Keywords: Anesthetic equipment, desflurane, vaporizer.

An anesthetic for the adult patient with congenital tracheoesophageal fistula: A case report
By CPT Michael T. Wolf, CRNA, MHS, USA, AN
CPT Tony D. Singh, CRNA, MHS, USA, AN
In this case report, the use of a flexible pediatric fiberoptic bronchoscope facilitates the location of a tracheoesophageal fistula in a 20-year-old male. This case also reinforces the importance of a detailed patient history, even on an otherwise healthy patient.
Print version: 1994;62(6):532-536.
Keywords: Tracheoesophageal fistula in the adult, congenital tracheoesophageal fistula, flexible fiberoptic pediatric bronchoscope.

AANA Journal Course: Update for nurse anesthetists- Is it okay to breast feed my baby after anesthesia? A scientific basis for an informed response
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD
This AANA Journal course reviews the physiology of breast milk production and the factors influencing the transfer of drugs into breast milk.
Print version: 1994;62(6):537-544.
Keywords: Anesthesia complications, breast feeding, neonatal complications.

Attitudes of nurse anesthetists regarding choice of residence and job satisfaction in Nebraska
By Laura Weedlun-Dairian, CRNA, MS
James C. Cuddeford, CRNA, MA
In this original research, Nebraska CRNAs were surveyed to identify their attitudes regarding choice of residence and to rate their overall job satisfaction. The study also determined differences in these attitudes, based on employment and whether they resided in a metropolitan or rural setting.
Print version: 1994;62(6):553-556.
Keywords: Career development, geographic issues, job satisfaction, state issues.

General and Subscription Information
Print version: 1994;62(6):476.

Official Council Listings
Print version: 1994;62(6):557-558.

Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
Print version: 1994;62(6):559-568.

Index to Volume 62 of the AANA Journal
Print version: 1994;62(6):569-574.

Index to Advertisers
Print version: 1994;62(6):576.

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