December 1993 AANA Journal

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Washington Scene
By Kathleen A. Michels, RN, JD, FAAN
AANA testifies before PPRC on federal healthcare reform
Print version: 1993;61(6):549-563.
Keywords: Federal healthcare reform, Health Security Act, Physician Payment Review Commission, President William Clinton.

Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Baptist Medical Center Montclair v Wilson
Print version: 1993;61(6):565-569.
Keywords: Diagnosis, medical malpractice reforms, practice of nursing.

Practice Issues
By Terrie E. Kole, CRNA, BA
Assessing the potential for awareness and learning under anesthesia
Print version: 1993;61(6):571-577.
Keywords: Awareness, inhaled anesthetics, intraoperative learning, intravenous anesthetics, recall.

Education News
By Cathy Mastropietro, CRNA, MEd, MSN
Some thoughts on student nurse anesthetist eligibility for workers' compensation
Print version: 1993;61(6):579-580.
Keywords: Common law test, loaned servant, occupational injury, workers' compensation.

A comparison of the onset time, duration of action, and fade characteristics of atracurium and vecuronium
By Michelle Haines, CRNA, MS
In this original research, it was found that vecuronium may offer a distinct advantage over atracurium when a nondepolarizer is required for a relatively short clinical case. However, it appears that vecuronium causes more train-of-four fade during recovery from neuromuscular blockade than atracurium.
Print version: 1993;61(6):592-596.
Keywords: Atracurium, monitoring neuromuscular block, neuromuscular relaxants, train-of-four responses, vecuronium.

AANA Journal Course: Update for nurse anesthetists–Essential hypertension, anesthesia, and the kidney
By Wanda Marley, CRNA, MS
Intraoperative systemic and renal hemodynamics are unpredictable in patients with essential hypertension due to their pharmacologic management, as well as the underlying disease process itself. The purpose of this fifth chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course is to explore possible mechanisms mediating essential hypertension and describe ramifications of various therapeutic interventions.
Print version: 1993;61(6):597-604.
Keywords: Angiotensin II, hypertension, kidney, renin, sympathetic nervous system.

Paroxysmal atrioventricular block in a healthy patient receiving spinal anesthesia: A case report
By Michael Mitton, CRNA
Although profound cardiac events can occur in patients under subarachnoid block who are heavily sedated, have a high level of spinal anesthesia, are compromised in their ventilations, or who experience a gradual decline in heart rate or blood pressure, this case report demonstrates that atrioventricular block can occur in patients whose vital sign values remain excellent, who do not have high levels of spinal anesthesia, and who are awake and alert.
Print version: 1993;61(6):605-609.
Keywords: Atrioventricular block, complications, spinal anesthesia.

Book Reviews
Anesthesiology: Problem-Oriented Patient Management Reviewed by Rick Taylor, MD

Resuscitation Handbook
Reviewed by A.J. Smally, MD

Techniques in Extracorporeal Circulation
Reviewed by John Gallagher, MD
Print version: 1993;61(6):610-612.

Cardiovascular collapse associated with the use of methylmethacrylate
By Capt Peter W. Pinto, CRNA, MSN, USAF, NC
In this article, the use of methylmethacrylate in orthopedic procedures is reviewed, along with a discussion of some of the previously hypothesized causes of its side effects. Included are a short case report illustrating the use of methylmethacrylate, suggested interventions to limit its untoward effects, and the implications for the anesthetist.
Print version: 1993;61(6):613-616.
Keywords: Acrylic cement, embolism, methylmethacrylate.

General and Subscription Information
Print version: 1993;61(6):544.

Official Council Listings
Print version: 1993;61(6):627-628.

Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
Print version: 1993;61(6):629-638.

Index to Volume 61 of the AANA Journal
Print version: 1993;61(6):639-643.

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Print version: 1993;61(6):644.

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